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Addie Wagenknecht  artist, traveler and beyonce 4 prez

Artificial Paradise opens at @kuenstlerhauskm Saturday .. curated by @juergendehm with fellow artist @ivana_basic @paul______chan @fraukedannert @olgamikhfedorova (Above xxxx.xxx, 2013, custom designed printed circuit boards, ethernet patch cables, 80/20 aluminum, 80 cm x 450 cm)

Last night this book launched in London with a section that I more or less had to give birth to the last 6 months. I frame AI/ML agency within the language of art and the constraints of the contemporary canon - a sort of expectations of its rules (and how to break them)

PM in the hood

Peak German Fun

Patron Saint of Tinder (detail) is now on view in Tel Aviv at the @haifamuseums as part of their exhibition Sacred Objects. "The phones are laid in a shrine, like relics from loved ones, preserved amidst various keepsakes, symbols, flowers in various stages of decay and votive offerings. There is a transformative leap in the relationship between user and phone that feels wholly inevitable. This emotional dependence on the device suggests there is some form of synthesis that neither can function without the other […]. Many of our relationships exist, form and end on these devices and they carry all our secrets"

iPhones, roses, candles, crystals, memory jugs, various Buddhist and Hindu objects, san palo, sage smudge sticks, incense

59.1 x 114.2 x 23.6 in / 150 x 290 x 60 cm
Commissioned by Innsbruck International 2018 @biennale_innsbruck

Photos © Innsbruck International /WEST.Fotostudio


What I'm thinking about a lot these days : * art without resources * love * anorexia as a form of excess * new york city vs. paris * ceremonies and ritual * soul cycle * death without existence * hedgehogs

Just ran across the most stunning stills on @kateandlauramulleavy insta from the #rodarte #ss19 #nyfw2018 backstage and was instantly reminded of the ghost still life series @aialahernando and I did in 2016 ✨

Ghost 3, 2016
Ultrachrome print
44.9 x 34.25 in / 114 x 87 cm
Edition of 3

#addiewagenknecht #aialahernando

I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but if you're anywhere near #innsbruck #tirol and have a garden or land, considering adopting a hedgehog family from #tierheimmentlberg , its free and keeps their numbers up, plus you have some super cute friends who will live in your garden forever. They have a huge number of orphans this year to re-home.
These 2 are #leutasch newest inhabitants.

Ive been feeling extraordinarily raw and exhausted, which maybe is a thing when you're actively uprooting all of your sources of stability.. Im also really missing Morocco and the ocean. surfing... the way the sea can be both completely soft or overpowering.. How it can drown you if you fight it or if you can let go how it carries you back home..

and so it begins

My ovaries 😭😭😍😍😭😭

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