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Scott Rao  Coffee writer and consultant, lacks Instagram skills.


My friend mollypetersenleith has been my favorite artist since she worked at my first cafe 20 years ago. She’s still going strong—I’d love to see her work on the walls of a cafe in the Northeast again soon. Molly: petersenleithdesigns.com

New blog post today by guest poster Lucia Solis, an expert in coffee fermentation. I've learned so much from Lucia and her post is mandatory reading for all coffee professionals. Please link in bio--if you'd like to comment, please comment on blog, not IG, so Lucia can reply.

Hmmm...washed or natural...tough choice.....jk

I’ve secured a space near downtown LA for a next-generation cooperative roastery. We’ll be opening in mid-2018 and will have some fabulous equipment, including a G45, UG22, and some next-generation proprietary roasting software. Please see link in bio.

New blog post alert!
Immersion vs. Percolation: Have we been calculating extraction incorrectly? See bio for link to blog post. Happy reading!

My friend @tiffrizer always cracks me up.
Tiff: Have you seen some of the new coffee photography coming out of Thailand? It’s nothing short of fine art.
Me: No, I haven’t. I’m still amazed people who make <$1/hour have $600 smart phones there. Nothing makes sense anymore.
Tiff: Dennis Rodman will probably be the one to save the world from nuclear war. You are correct, nothing makes sense.

Duke says "Congratulations" to Cam Gencer and Chris Capell for winning the grinding quiz!! Read all of the answers and comments on my blog. Link in bio

New blog post up today, complete with a grinding quiz and prizes for the first correct answers! See link in bio, and please join the mailing list.

I've posted a new, very informative v60 video today. Please see link in bio to access from my blog. Enjoy!

FINES! Are the subject of this week's blog post. So are 30% extractions and some serious coffee education. Link in bio, and please sign up for the blog mailing list! #coffeeeducation #thirdwavecoffee #coffeeextraction #coffeegrinder #barista

I accidentally elbowed a roaster's discharge button today just before first crack :0. Of course we had to taste it. In case you've never consumed pre-first-crack coffee, it reeked of peanuts. Not in a good way. But at least it wasn't also a natural 😂. #firstcrack #lightroastcoffee #coffeeroaster #fourthwavecoffee

Thanks to @commonroomroasters for bringing back Rico Suavé. I just wish the real Rico Suavé would come back. If you've never seen Gerardo's Spanglish one-hit wonder video, please google it. You won't regret it. Or you might. ➡️for a glimpse

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