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I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone coming to the Roasting Master Classes I'm teaching in Seattle next week. There are just a few tickets left if you're still interested. Head to my blog for details #linkinbio

Also, for anyone interested in getting their hands on some limited edition #ElixirRao, check out what @elixirspecialtycoffee just posted on their Instagram and Facebook re details on how to get your hands on some before it sells out!
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Thanks to everyone who has purchased tickets so far for my Roasters Masterclasses in Seattle on April 20 and 21st.
The first two classes have sold out so we created a third class. And tickets are selling fast for that class as well.
Links to buy tickets are available on my blog scottrao.com/blog

Keep up the great work @redemptionespressobar: “When we're not making coffee, we're reading up about it. Coffee education for our baristas is part of our commitment to ensuring that every cup we make is enjoyable for you.” #whereisscottrao

My Roasting Masterclasses on April 20 in Seattle are almost sold out, with fewer than 10 tickets left for each class. If you're thinking of attending, reserve your spot soon!
Here's what Stephen Kenyon Top-Shelf Supply Company in Australia thought of my recent classes in Australia "I was amazed at the way scott dispelled the myths and secrets of roasting, and replaced them with science and wisdom to finally make great roasting achievable and enjoyable. Scott’s roasting masterclass was inspiring and made me believe i could actually become the roaster i always wanted to be.” Another repost! #pactisemakesperfect 😉 📸 @pierremontes
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Going through the Instagram photos people have tagged me in, and reading all the comments, I'm humbled by a lot of your words and encouraged by the commitment out there by so many to educate themselves about coffee.
As you grow in coffee...I grow in learning such things as reposting Instagram photos. 😀

Thanks for sharing this @dianamakescoffee!


When steaming milk, is it better practice to froth quickly at the very beginning of steaming, rather than frothing more slowly throughout the steaming process? -Isaac Hecker

For those of you who will be in Seattle for the SCA Expo, I’ll be giving two roasting masterclasses on April 20 in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood (walking distance from the Expo.) I’d like to make the roasters out there a promise: if you attend you will learn a ton of valuable, practical information, no matter how long you’ve been roasting. If you don’t think the class was the most profoundly educational few hours of your roasting career, I will give you a full refund.
The Roasting Masterclasses will include:
1. All new material. I’ve been saving up a lot of new ideas and insights gleaned from my consulting work over the past few years, and most of this class will be all-new material not written in my book or blog.
2. Cupping session with curve analysis of samples I’ll roast for the class.
3. Practical methods for immediately improving roast consistency.
4. An in-depth discussion of managing ROR around first crack.
5. The most advanced class discussion ever, anywhere, about manipulating roast curves and how roast curves relate to flavor.
6. A vibrant Q&A session. Bring your more important questions and I’ll do my best to make sure you get the answers you need.

Tickets are selling fast and are only available online. Purchase from my blog www.scottrao.com/blog Link also in bio.
Looking to see you there!
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according to your experience, is it possible that an ideal extraction% for a light roast coffee(let's say lower than 15% weight loss )is a lower extraction% ?
(lower than 18%) Simon He from Guangzhou, China

Does coffee served in pre-heated cups taste better than coffee served in room-temperature cups?

Thanks in advance, Sander de Putter

Do you think controlling a roast by adjusting the intensity of gas and constantly have a flame on is superior to controlling via gas on full flame but flickering off and on, assuming each has the same roast profile.

Nathan Jantz

Can I use the hot water dispenser on my 3-group commercial espresso machine for regular tea/filter coffee brewing (assuming correct temperature) without any negative impact on flavour?

Thanks!! Zeeshan Malik

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