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Fighting a pre-cold with some humdrum soup, and very much wishing it was a ToonTown Mickey steam bun sandwich instead.

I left my heart in San Fran...sokyo. 🏰🗼

Disneyland is already sold out of the red rose sippers but our consolation prize was edible so I'm thinking we're the real winners. 😏🌹✨

Hi from Disneyland °o°👋 It's crowded, and it's cold, but we've got dinner reservations at Napa Rose, so ain't nothin bringing us down!

Oh don't mind me, just buying a Coke from a giant teapot. 💁🏻

Obviously need to go back to Tokyo asap to get more kawaii stationary and food shaped pencil cases.

The Mouse Posse. Aka, Tokyo Disney in a nutshell.

The Disneyland Hotel is overflowing with ✨magic✨ — talking all about why on the blog today! Link in bio. 💛

Happy in a cup.

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

When Indy has a 15 min wait but breaks down as soon as you get on the ride 🙃

*gloats because I always beat @shurgot at this game*