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“If you're feeling frightened about what comes next, don't. Embrace the uncertainty. Allow it to lead you places. Be brave as it challenges you to exercise both your heart and your mind as you create your own path towards happiness. Don't waste time with regret. Spin wildly into your next action. Enjoy the present - each moment as it comes - because you'll never get another one quite like it. And if you should ever look up and find yourself lost, simply take a breath and start over. Retrace your steps and go back to the purest place in your heart... where your hope lives. You'll find your way again...”
- Everwood
I’ve carried this quote with me since I was in middle school. I used it in my high school graduation speech. It inspired my travel blog while backpacking through Southeast Asia. It’s been on my Facebook quotes for years. I still come back to it today. A constant practice of returning to heart and hope... over and over again. #whereyourhopelives
Thank you to @spirit_of_yoga for capturing this moment, where my hope so vibrantly lives.

🔈sound on for mid-press drill giggle from my ass almost bouncing off the wall 😂
My right shoulder is finally starting to feel happy again here. Inspired to make some upside snow angels by @sandrinekamhi 💜✨
#questforthepress back on. Hit me with your favorite drills #ohmies 🤗

You are the key.
Heal yourself, know yourself,
make yourself whole and free.
Release all limits so that your love can flow unconditionally for yourself and the world, this will open the heaven of your heart completely and it will guide you without fail.
@yung_pueblo .
The answer is you.

you get one skin to live in.
take care of your home.
Between living in Miami and all the hot yoga, I live in two constant states:
1) sweaty and 2) sweatier.
People have been asking me what I do to keep my skin healthy, happy and hydrated throughout my day, so here goes:
1) I drink a ton of water. It always starts from the inside.
2) I practice almost daily in infrared heat, which has done wonders for my skin.
3) I thank my Korean American parents for the bomb genetics.
4) I believe in a religious skincare routine... I’m talking cleansers, serums, masks, moisturizers, sun block... the works!
I’ve been using @freskincare the last few weeks and it’s the first skincare line made for sweaty humans like me. The 123 set has kept my face clean, rejuvenated and protected from the sun and I’ve noticed my skin feeling more vibrant with each day.
My favorite thing about @freskincare though? Each set you buy plants an Argan Tree of Life to fight deforestation and empowers the women who harvest the Argan in Morocco. You see, I believe in companies that make impact beyond their consumers. It’s more than skin. It’s about our planet and communities around the world. And that’s skincare I can feel good about, inside and out.
Want to give it a try? Use my promo code: HOPELIVES25 and enjoy 25% off!
#loveyoursweat #freskincare

‘if you do not
feel at home with yourself
how could you
truly feel at home
anywhere else’
it’s a practice of coming home.
feeling. breathing. as you are.
in your skin. in your bones.
come home to you.
This week’s line up:
mon: 12p @casavinyasa_miami
tues: 7a @dharmayogastudio
9a + 12p + 6p @solyogaflorida
wed: 5:30p + 7p @solyogaflorida
thurs: 7a @dharmayogastudio
12p + 4p @casavinyasa_miami
sun: 12p @tropicalvinyasa
📷: @sreyesphotos

Between the head and feet of any given person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness. - Gabrielle Roth
the question is, will you explore and let your breath seduce you into your own wilderness?
say yes.
and venture boldly.
oh, the beauty you will find.
Discover the Beauty Of Being in Belize with myself and @priti_yoga ✨ Join us for a luxury adventure to @naiaresortspa with @wellxplored this October 24-29th where we’ll tune in, create intimacy with our own breath and dive deep into the rich textures of ourselves. DM me for details! ✨

let in.
let go.
let it be done.
let in. all that needs to come in. all that needs to be felt.
let go. all that is out of your control. all that no longer serves.
let it be done. when it is done.
trust. the process.
the universe takes care.
📷: @sreyesphotos

Our girl got married!!!
And we didn’t wear yoga pants 💃🏻
What a magical weekend in the mountains it was. Congratulations @priti_yoga & @king.andreas ✨ Your love is a gift to be witness to. Cheers to all the bigger than life champagne bottles still to come on this epic beautiful life shared. #LongLoveTheKings


come with your light. your shadow. soft curves and sharp edges. i will show you the beauty of you, in all that you are.
- @iamhertribe
come as you are,
there is beauty in your being.

All you ever longed for is before you in this moment if you dare draw in a breath and whisper, “Yes.”
- Danna Faulds
Currently whispering, “Yes.”.
Actually, more like... shouting.
Yes, very boldly and loudly shouting, “Yes.”
Feeling nourished from a week in Belize, thank you @wellxplored @naiaresortspa and @mbvbelize for the hospitality and all the magic! My heart is so happy and full. I am already counting down the days till we get to go back! @priti_yoga and I are leading our Beauty Of Being Retreat this Oct 24-29th @naiaresortspa. Come and adventure with us ✨ DM me for details.

‘Speak to me of the beauty in sensitivity.
Help me listen to what is influencing my barometer.
Guide me out of my head and down into the valleys of my own body, mirror of the earth.
Torch my nerves with the scents and sounds of life.
Remove my self-consciousness.
Release my familiar self-criticisms which thwart the delight of living in this temple of bones and flesh.
Help me to determine what I love and how I love it.
Give me the words to declare it.
Remind me of what is repellent to my senses.
Teach me to recognize and turn away from it.
Remind me that I get a say.
Legitimize my desires without needing to prove that I deserve them.
Infuse me with bold self-possession.
Send energy through the wide base of my roots up to the calm, smooth aperture of my throat.
Move my body in the ways that connect me to where I came from.
Stretch my tissue, and make me flexible.
Extend my range beyond the familiar edge.
Activate the energy that relates me to the infinite.’ - @pixielighthorse
Thank you for sharing these words with us this morning @christymckenzie 🙏🏼 It is what my soul needed to hear.
Thank you @wellxplored for bringing such a beautiful tribe of goddesses together for this magical week! I am feeling so incredibly blessed and nourished.
Thank you @naiaresortspa for hosting us and showering us with bliss and beyond.
Already can’t wait to return to this oasis in October for our Beauty of Being Retreat 💜 Want to join @priti_yoga and me? DM me for details.

‘do not choose the lesser life.
do you hear me?
do you hear me?
choose the life that is. yours.
the life that is seducing your lungs.
that is dripping down your chin.’
- @nayyirah.waheed
again and again.
with each breath.

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