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Julianne Aerhee  Movement Explorer. Athleta Ambassador. Love hard. Forgive easy. Laugh often. Move freely. ✨

My wise friend and teacher @meganeastman shared these words with our teacher trainees at their graduation this past weekend: “This practice is not for the faint of heart.” And truly, truly it is not.
I believe this practice asks for an immense amount of courage. It asks you to show up as you are to bravely observe and honestly acknowledge all that you are, (which can be terrifying.)
It asks for an uncomfortable amount of vulnerability. This work of life is to share the deepest layers of your being. The experiences that inspired you as well as the ones that broke your heart... and in that true empathy and human connection is possible.
It asks for an amount of integrity that at times seems impossible to uphold. And yet the work is to try and continuously take accountability for your integrity anyway.
It asks you to feel an amount of emotions and sensations that can overwhelm you. And yet, this is what it means to feel the full spectrum of being alive.
It asks you to boldly leave the comforts of what you proudly know to enter a space of humbly not knowing. And in this space, infinite curiosity blooms and magic is possible.
I am so beyond honored to lead with you @meganeastman, to create with you and to practice wholehearted living and loving with you. Thank you for inspiring me endlessly. Here’s to all the magic that is yet to come. #wcw #soulsisters #gratefulfor
📷: @isaacazulay

This I hold sacred.
This practice, this work.
It’s never been about the pose.
It’s always been about
Being human.
I cried so many tears this weekend. Tears of utter joy from the best kind of laughter, the infectious kind that sounds like it’s from another planet and makes your stomach hurt a little. Tears from my heart feeling like it could explode thanks to the courageous beings that stood and served today. Tears of extreme pride and tears of even greater humility.
To be witness to your growth, to truly see your hearts, to experience your shedding of layers that you didn’t even know you were wearing, my gosh, I don’t even have the words. Thank you for being a stand for what this practice, what this teacher training, and what this work is truly about. Thank you for holding me accountable to the standards of integrity and relationship that we teach. Thank you for your vulnerability and your whole-hearted living. Thank you for reminding me that we’re all just each other in disguise. Thank you for the honor of being your teacher and leader. Thank you for the absolute gift of being your student. Thank you for allowing me to be just a small part in your infinite journey. I am #gratefulfor each moment. I bow so humbly to each of you, with divine love. Xx
#liveyourpractice #teachertraining

it’s like seeing sound
and hearing colors
and feeling, feeling all the feelings...
from Red Rocks to DC, just
A Moment Apart.
Will travel and spend all my money on good music. Especially if I get to dance with @crystalybyun 💜
Thank you for the magic, again @odesza @odeszadrumline

Getting to surprise your best friend on her 25th birthday? Priceless.
Happy Quarter Century @beautifoles! Seven years ago, we would sit inside the freshmen dining hall after practice, inhale peanut butter and soft serve ice cream and talk about where we wanted to be at 25. Six years ago we moved into our first apartment, made ourselves a home and spent countless nights drinking tea (or was it wine) and again talked about what we envisioned for our lives at 25. Three and a half years ago we walked across the stage, grabbed our diplomas and again talked about where we saw ourselves at 25.... The real 25 though is much more than either of us could have ever imagined... More amazing. More ambitious. Full of more possibility. May the next quarter century continue to blow your own imagination out of the water. May it overflow with the most delicious tea, be filled with the scents of the most exotic candles, and offer you so much growth, laughter, dancing and adventure. Thank you for always inspiring me to fearlessly pursue my passions by so boldly pursuing yours. Thank you for being my person and riding the waves of adulthood with me. Life is doable because I’ve got you in my life. 💜

Still riding that #soulshine high ☀️🌴🙏🏼
Thank you to everyone who came out to jam with us this past Saturday. I’m so beyond #gratefulfor this growing community and all the people who help make each @rise.and.soulshine so magical. My immense gratitude for @vitolastayo, thank you for singing and reminding us that “joy is gunna change the world.” Thank you @meganeastman for co-teaching with me and @teamvinchay for co-hosting. You guys are the bomb diggity. And thank you to our friends who helped create our first little mini market for after class. Thank you for reminding me that possibility exists everywhere and joy can always be created. ✨
See you all next month on December 16th! In place of usual donations, we’ll be collecting toys for The Little Light House and will spend the day after the event volunteering for toy distribution! 🤗

is to create and cultivate joy.
for ourselves and for others.
that is the point.
And we’re back for a joyful celebration of yoga, music and community!!! Join me and my most favorite humans @meganeastman, @vitolastayo and @teamvinchay for our November edition of @rise.and.soulshine at Museum Park tomorrow! Class starts at 10am and is donation based. We have some of our favorite local makers at our mini market for you to enjoy, refuel and connect after class! So come on out, bring a friend and let’s play by the bay!!! ☀️🌴 See you under the palm trees!

you carry in your soul every ingredient necessary to turn your existence into joy ✨
I think this is the whole point: to cultivate joy with each other. To take this shared experience that we call life and fill it, better yet, overflow it, with JOY. Especially in the times that it seems harder to do so!!! That’s how we take a stand for each other. That’s how we move through the fear and march forward with love. That’s how I want to live. How about creating equality of joy, yea?
This right here might be my favorite photo of me and @yoga_biancaabbott ever. This Saturday we get to do it again. Join me and @teamvinchay for @rise.and.soulshine at Museum Park this Saturday, Nov. 18th. I’m so excited to teach with one of my favorite human beings EVER @meganeastman as the ever magnificent @vitolastayo creates the soundtrack to our practice. Land on your mats at 10am. Class is donation based and we’ve got refreshments and a mini market after class thanks to some amazing friends. We can’t wait to play under the palm trees with you! ☀️🌴

Some people just get you.
Like, really get you.
It’s a deep understanding of souls
and recognition of divine joy.
Freaking #gratefulfor you @meganeastman 💜
We’re doing a thing! Join us and @teamvinchay next Saturday, Nov 18th for this month’s edition of @rise.and.soulshine! We can’t wait to breathe and move and bask under the sun at Museum Park (right next to @pamm) with you! Class is donation based and starts at 10am. Stick around after class to take cute #personalitypics like this and more importantly to enjoy refreshments and our mini market thanks to @live_ultimate @biscayners @mahina.bikinis @beautycounter_hilary.bone @millysempanadas and @athleta 😋 See you on your mats #SoulShiners ☀️🌴

place your dreams
where they're meant to be.
name your price
to be at ease.
to comply is to
lose our innocence.
now I am not so innocent...
moving, moving...
handstanding and pistol squatting...
🎵: Life Size Ghosts remix @mtwolfofficial @catchingfliesmusic

I practice to remember
what a gift it is to be alive.
to fill my lungs with air
and bask under the clear blue skies.
to feel the crisp fall weather
against my skin.
to move.
with and through all things that come my way.
& Oh miami.
this 60 degree weather perfection.
I remember why I love you.
🎵: Jungle @petitbiscuit

Oh hey Friday. Make today freaky 😋 Episode 3 of @partygirlfitpodcast is out now and two of my favorite humans @rawbabysugar & @rachelloebs brought me on for this special edition of the freakiest foods I’ve ever eaten, best tequila (holla at ya girl @casamigos), all things #wanderlust, #fitness and favorite places to dance here in Miami 🌴 Check it out for some tears of laughter and all the #vibes 💜 I love these girls a lot.

How free do you feel?...
When is the last time you asked yourself that?
If I could put this experience into one word, I think the word would be “freedom.” From one rabbit hole to another in this endless and ongoing exploration of movement, expression and connection, I found freedom. Freedom to be, freedom to feel, freedom to color outside the lines and freedom to create magic within them.
To these movers and feelers, what an incredible group to journey with these past five months of @fluidusmethod training, my heart bows to you. My infinite gratitude to @carlostaoyoga & @jasonlawner, thank you for shifting how I move, thank you for re-inspiring my “why”, thank you for giving of yourselves, from your knowledge to heart, so generously, and thank you for the freedom. #teachertraining #freedOM #fluidusmethod

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