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Julianne Aerhee  Movement Explorer Co-founder The Inspired Life YTT Love hard. Forgive easy. Laugh often. Move freely. ✨ Beauty of Being Retreat: Nov 3rd-8th in Belize

Once your body surrenders to movement, your soul remembers its dance. -Gabrielle Roth
Your daily reminder to get moving. Xx
📷: @sreyesphotos

6am conversations...
warming up the body & the heart.
oh and some handstands and gawking at life on the other side of the mountain too with @priti_yoga.
Missing @theyogaforest, this time and this view - but happy to be home in Miami and so excited for this weekend’s @rise.and.soulshine! I’ll be teaching with this sweet angel friend of mine, @teamvinchay will bring all the vibes, the air will be filled with live music by @vitolastayo, all in support of our friends at @laluchifoundation 🤗 We can’t wait to celebrate this beautiful thing called life with you. We’ll be filming class Saturday so wear your best @lululemon’s and bring a friend. See you on your mats, 10am at Museum Park!
Oh... and THIS SONG.
I love it with my whole heart.
“Passenger” by @noahkahanmusic

I woke up each morning in complete awe,
Saying to myself, “how in the world is this real life?!”
To the magical humans who ventured boldly to @theyogaforest with us, the ones who jumped off cliffs into Lake Atitlan, the ones who faced spiders and scorpions with an unwavering joy, the ones who planted tul reeds to help the ecosystem thrive even with how incredibly challenging tying rocks to plants surprisingly is, the ones who rescued our community pup Mala, the ones who hiked up and down each day to and from the forest to waterfalls and towns over, the ones who trusted each other fearlessly to fly, the ones who got curious and turned within, the ones who watched the sunrise over the volcanoes each morning, and the ones who played with childlike wonder on and off their mats - thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you @jodybpotter for holding the space and leading with such grace throughout the week with us... and also for ridding my room of spiders. 💜 You are my hero.
Thank you to @theyogaforest family and all the volunteers who helped us create all the MAGIC.
& To my beautiful friend, sister, co-creator and teacher @priti_yoga, thank you for giving me the courage to create this unbelievable, breathtaking, inspired life. I treasure you and love you wholeheartedly. To all the epic adventures in this remarkable, exciting experience of life to come! 😘
Guatemala, I already can’t wait to be back. See you February 2019 for TT!🤗 Time to scratch country #28 🇬🇹 off my map 🌎. #igniteyourplay

I said HELL. YEAH.
& I’m feeling all the feelings.
But mostly, mostly overwhelming gratitude.
Last night, some of my favorite people came to class to breathe and to move and to love. I thought to myself, damn, the universe is so so good. What did I do to freaking weave my life’s story with these brilliant humans?!
THIS. This was icing on the cake.
Grateful. Honored. Beyond excited to be joining the @lululemon #BCC fam. Ya’ll have my heart. Thank you. 💜
Now off to lead my first retreat in Guatemala and for a little digital detox. No wifi, no electricity. #hallelujah See y’all in 8 days ✌🏼
#ambassadorlove #lululemonmia #thesweatlifemia #allthefeelings

Learning and re-learning to bow intellect to heart...
To let the voice of my mind get loud enough to recognize and to know it intimately... in order to allow the voice of my heart to grow louder.
#thepractice #bemoved #lovefearlessly

If you look closely, you can see the rain drops that started to come down during this moment. At first glance that may seem totally trivial. Yet, when @meganeastman, @priti_yoga & I first dreamt of this shoot, we imagined a grey Miami day. We wished for slightly overcast, rather than sunshine! And well...
1) When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. #manifestthatshit
2) Overcast days usually come with rain and so surrounding yourself with people who will dance in the rain with you is important.
& for the rest of the shoot we did just that. We frolicked in the rain, celebrating how we manifested our overcast, rainy day and our dream shoot. Much of our journey so far has been like this - rejoicing as we work and create piece by piece, overflowing with excitement to share bits of it with you.
This Saturday, we’re hosting our second #InspiredSpace to create time for inward reflection, connection and curiosity. The practice begins at 6:30pm in front of @thedirtyrabbitwynwood and following we’ll open up the space for questions about our upcoming 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training. We so hope you’ll join us in this continuous creation of #theinspiredlife
📷: @mattricephotography

Never met a tree I didn’t want to climb 😋 #hangingout #playeverydamnday
Current #mood thinking about:
1) @rise.and.soulshine this Saturday ☀️🌴 supporting @readtoachild with my favorite humans @teamvinchay & @vito_lastayo!
2) the fact that there are just 21 DAYS till I head to Guatemala to lead my first retreat with @priti_yoga 😬
3) flying home this weekend to spend Mother’s Day with my mama @hyonhui_byun 💜
Mmmm, it is well with my soul. #bliss
📷: @sreyesphotos, you are my favorite ever 😘

Be softer with yourself.
with your body.
with your heart.
(... easier said than done, I know.)
Start with your body,
your heart will follow.
🎵: If I Tremble - @jackgracejackgrace

My hope lives in people.
People who jump into action.
The doers who take on the challenges that the world presents. The ones who run boldly towards the work that is asked of us. The ones who believe in creating a better world today for those to come long after we leave it.
Thank you to everyone who came out to pick up 146 pounds of trash with @debrisfreeoceans.
Thank you @teamvinchay, you are our real life Avengers in Action 💜🙏🏼
Thank you @priti_yoga for being the best friend and #SoulSister a girl could ask to do life & manifest dreams with!
Sunset at our first ever #Soulset, these are the moments. #community @rise.and.soulshine

A little over two years ago, @priti_yoga asked if I wanted to teach at @rise.and.soulshine. Like my answer usually is to her questions, I said #hellYES. What started as a humble group of humans gathering once a month to play under the sun has now grown into a pretty epic community of seriously beautiful, selfless, badass hearts - made possible by the magic that is @vitolastayo and @teamvinchay!
This Saturday, we’re hosting our first ever #SoulSet - a sunset edition of our favorite monthly communion of souls. Join us and @teamvinchay at South Pointe Park for a beach clean up with our friends @debrisfreeoceans followed by a yummy yoga flow by the water. We’ll meet you by the lighthouse ✨ Clean up starts at 5pm | Yoga at 6:30pm! #WCW #riseandsoulshine
P.S. Did you know Jessie and I are leading a retreat this June? We’ve got just a few spots left for our adventure to Guatemala! Journey with us to @theyogaforest this June 1st-8th and #IgniteYourPlay 🤗 DM me for details!

“We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.” - @PauloCoelho
And what an exquisite, breathtaking parenthesis it is. Love on. 💜 #theuniverseconspires
📷: @sreyesphotos

To be in creation with people you love? That is the truest gift of life I think.
Join us as we create “The Inspired Space.” We believe a space is just a space till you fill it with people and purpose.
Meet us on your mats at the courtyard in front of @thedirtyrabbitwynwood at 6:30pm tmrw night for this happy hour flow. As a collective we will fill the space with movement, with breath and inspired intention.
The yoga is free and we ask nothing in return except your presence. #TheInspiredLife

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