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Extra quick watercolor doodle to get some ideas out of my head. I might work on this concept more sometime soon 🌚

Some of the quick sketches I've done these past few days ^^ it's nice to draw things like these tbh (esp. girls dayum it's soooo nice to draw girls after so long)

In my defense, the concept looked a lot less dark and gore-y in my head.
(I actually love how it came out)

Bakugou is an ass and a softie and a blunt rowdy boy and love him. Woops.

#BokuNoHeroAcademia #BnHA #BakugouKatsuki #BnHAFanart #Fanart #Watercolor

Here's some close-ups of #Todoroki. These were the only pics that looked acceptable from the ton I took... :) You can't see it too well, but the flowers on each side of Todoroki are different. There's a reason for this, but if you haven't read or watched Boku no Hero Academia, there'll be quite a bit of spoilers so beware :'')
The flowers on Todoroki's left side, shown in the 2nd picture, are (supposedly white) pansies. They symbolize the will to take chances, and in ancient Athens, they were believed to be able to 'calm an angry heart'. As we know, Todoroki hates his left side because of its undeniable resemblance to his father, Endeavor (a true first-class asshole tbh). He absolutely despises it, and so he does his best to suppress this side of his quirk, his father's inheritance, in an attempt to reject him. The truth is, however, that it is his own power and a part of who he is. Upon the acceptance of this fact, Todoroki is able to let go of all the hatred and take a chance to use his fire for good.

The flowers on Todoroki's right side are called Gladiolus, symbol of honor and strength of character. Todoroki has displayed both, by sticking to his ideals and morals despite his father's abuse. I chose them, too, because this side is the one which connects Todoroki to his mother, who, despite going kind of crazy in the end and hurting her son (can't really blame her tbh, Endeavor, I repeat, is a first-class asshole and did lots of shitty things), always tried to protect Todoroki and bravely resisted her husband's violent ways for a long, long time.
That's about it!! If you read all that, have a cookie 🍪 (and my eternal respect lmao that was long af)

Spring spirit 🌺

I wanted to do a Summer spirit, but I pull off combined warm and cold color palettes a lot better than just warm ones :'') I had lots of fun doing this though!!

Throwback to when I actually had some sort of skill with pencil colors :')

This one ended in total disaster ughhhh. The paper ripped after I peeled off the tape... I thank my past self for saving some photos :')
. .
Also yeh guys I'm not dead, just terribly artblocked

So. My pal @redlipsteak suddenly realized that her bias wrecker Byun Bacon was taking over Kyungsoup's ultimate throne, and I, as the supportive friend I am, decided to draw her a little something.

That little something ended up being my best graphite work so far.

Can I scream yet?

Process shots (ft. Lisa because I am weak)
I screwed the hair up in the end (akskckskkfks gotta work on that) but I liked her face, so... Yeah!! That's how I do the skin~~

Early stages of a sketch ;)
Lisa is surprisingly easy to draw and I!! LOVE!!!! Their recent LIVE on Instagram awakened my BLACKPINK feels so fast I--

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