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Robert Cooper 

So around the end of the day I snagged my knife on the edge of my foreman's truck and bent the clip to shit, I was in riverside and had remembered a friend telling me that there was a knife store in the moreno valley mall so I stopped by and got my clip replaced and a sharpening, I also bit the bullet and bought a new pocket queen for when I'm not at work haha.

Well I haven't built for a while but now #lego released a few sets in my favorite theme #speedchampions and my little kitty is already posted up waiting for me to build so she can "help" lol

Well I got my climbing gear today, had to also go a mock rescue on a coworker which was pretty interesting to say the least but I did it and it's one more certificate under my belt!!!

Well its still taking a lot of adjusting to my new job, being 120 feet in the air is no joke, I'm in a full harness and I'm tied off but when your up on a boom lift your swaying around, I get some cool perks like paid training and free gear I also get a sweet xmas party and bonus to look forward to and they go big like a 2 night stay at the Hyatt in San Diego, I'm stoked and hopefully will adjust to my new job quickly haha.

Keep your eyes peeled my friends this bike was stolen from menifee bicycles today, I tried to chase him but he got away!!!

Well shit this just happened haha, not a bad price either, this is a higher end m-series vizio and I got it for $200 off!!!

Well I have a problem haha just got another #smithandwesson #mandpsport2 #ar do they have a guns anonymous?? I was stoked with how well the first one worked so I figured I'd get a new one that was optics ready since I had a scope on the old one, new furniture kit on the way in the next few weeks and I bought a juggernaut tactical hell fighter kit so I can have almost any feature that I want on it!!!

Well I finally finished it today just took some muscle to move several thousand pounds of material but @alms_33 and I kicked ass and got it done!!! Thank you honey you made my day so much easier!!!

Brick work going down tomorrow gonna be a long day but it'll be finished, hopefully haha.

Wow I am whooped, I haven't worked that hard in a while haha, here's a shot of me looking all dirty and mean mugging and 2nd one is the work I've done so far, I basically did what I did yesterday plus had to take 2 trips to get material from a friends house.

All done thanks @wilsoncombat I had a little fitment issue but a couple passes with some wet sandpaper and it fit well!! #kimber#custom2#1911#45acp

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