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🌿 meg  *walks through a bead curtain*

i love spring time and i love letting the sun shine on my big ass forehead

🅱️riffith park

enjoying a nice cup of 🅱️o🅱️a 🅱️ola by the water

murderer: goofiest hoe at this observatory dies first
my man:

*quavo voice* splash, drip, drip, (WOO), splash

pussy like girls damn is my pussy gay 😳

take a fucking sip babes

me n kemal living like los angeles ig honeys... detox tea discount codes coming soon

they call me ranch 🥙🥗 ...cause i be dressin 😳

u win some... u dim sum

i can't believe they built a bridge modeled after the 🌉 emoji

still going to prom in my college years thank u @kevincinema

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