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Toffee Ron WeasLee  📍Singapore 🐰ND rabbit // 👦🏽Male 🎂Two years old Loves headrubs & treats! Random doodles 🎨 by rabbitmum

NOTICE: Toffee's ear is missing
A slice of apple for whichever bun that finds it 😁

Help! I'm held hostage by rabbitmum to take photo! Helpppp i want to runnnn and hop!

Behind every handsum photo of me is a buncrew of one (i.e. Rabbitmum) who 打灯 to make sure i look my best. #theroadtostardom


Weekend is ALLLLMOST here so it's time to come out and play! Wait, only me?! 😶

When you look into my eyes~

Haishhh, why must rabbitmum take my photo at the vet? I look like some old man with my shed lines... 😣🤦🏽‍♂️ o well, at least now rabbitmum has some meds to clear my nose! 😁

You are almost half way through the week! Hang in there & keep walking... like me! 😉

Me and my headrubs ☺️☺️☺️

Pretty birthday bouquet from @onhigherhills for rabbitmum! 😍

Aiii gotta stretch my paws a lil higher to reach my ears... yes my face too... gotta keep myself 帅帅.. 😶 it's you filming again.. rabbitmum must be very bored 🤦🏽‍♂️

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