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Toffee Ron WeasLee  📍Singapore// ND rabbit 🐰// Male 👦🏽// Two years old // Loves headrubs & treats! // Random doodles 🎨 by rabbitmum

Me and my headrubs ☺️☺️☺️

Pretty birthday bouquet from @onhigherhills for rabbitmum! 😍

Aiii gotta stretch my paws a lil higher to reach my ears... yes my face too... gotta keep myself 帅帅.. 😶 it's you filming again.. rabbitmum must be very bored 🤦🏽‍♂️

Come on hayhay come into my mouf!!! Omm nom nommmmm

👩🏻: toffee, come out awhile i sweep your cage
🐰: 😴 orh... okay...

Wow, i looked so handsome until i can't recognize myself in the mirror! 😌Thanks to magic hands at @scruffiez!

How long are you gonna hold it away from me!!?!! 😠

Never too late to thank @gohhuiqi for remembering me on her honeymoon! Can't believe that I have a soft toy that looks just like me! I must be famous!!! 😌😉😏

So long my head is here you cannot stop sayang ok....

🐰:Rabbitmum, please don't wrap me up and give to someone!!! 😩
🤦🏻‍♀️: please la, I just want to wrap my fathers' day present.... 😑

I'll never will forget.

*Sniff sniff* are these my new friends? Or my new chew toys? 😁

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