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RX J1131-1231  if it’s all just a dream, then i don’t ever wanna wake up >>>>it’s late and i’m sad, don’t judge me<<<<

dm me if you like Detroit: Become Human

it hasn’t even been that long since the season finale but i fucking miss supernatural so much already. and realizing that s14 is probably gonna be the last season makes me also wanna [cry in enochian]

to people who don’t know it’s a devils trap so it traps demons. it’s anti-satanic so ha

what’s up it’s almost 2 AM i’m gonna spam

this is one of my good friends and a guy i went on a date with aka i love parties

i feel done with everything

i look at myself in the mirror and i say “oh no! is that what i really look like?” i don’t wanna be me, but that’s only half of the time

bryan what are you doing // #bryandechart #dbh #dbhconnor #detroitbecomehuman

m o o n l i g h t

who would this be


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