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Ian Supnet  Vegan | Blue Collar | Beat Smith/Instrumentalist/Producer | Vinyl Collector | Ink Collector | Winnipeg

Conveniently, convenient...but that's none of my business anymore. For the birds ✌✌

Switch up. Some colour for a change.

Take me back, to the illusion of when it was easier. #TBT #copout

Hashtag mood. #magicalshit

Borrow your soul for a minute?


☝❤ #onelove

Soon to be on my arm again. Forever.

Healing can only be found within, and any form of inspiration can go a long way. Speaking of which, I hope you find some here. Thank you @officialsemicolon for all your help. Please check her out if you're looking for some words to touch your soul.
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@ivorymakesmusic x @whatsupnet #RP #repost
In light of all the atrocities going on in the world, this song is dedicated to all the innocent lives impacted by all of the hatred and greed manifested by corrupt governments. We need love y'all. " You gotta empathize, show respect and give love
Work hard, reach for the heavens up above
You gotta look past
Color class
That's a caste system
Make it last
And dig deep when you're feeling gassed
Life depends
You change the lens
Make amends
And make some friends
And start the trend
To end
Racism, sexism, hate and xenophobia
From Syria to the coast of California"

Peace to Syria

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