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Joe Provenzano  ''As I am, so shall I associate, and so shall I act.'' - Ralph Waldo Emerson πŸŽΆπŸ“šπŸ“œπŸŽΉπŸŽΈπŸŽ€πŸ’½πŸŽ§πŸŒžπŸ“–πŸŽΌ

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Check out @thespacedolphin and I's recent interview about @meltingwatchpress conducted by the Ann Arbor District Library!


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Modigliani & me at the Guggenheim, NYC. The "Visionaries" exhibition at the Guggenheim was one of the great pleasures of my life thus far.

Painting: Jeanne Hebuterne in Yellow Sweater, 1918-1919.
Photo by @emilymarcil13

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Though late in the day to make this post, this poet's life & work has exerted such an indelible impact on the vision of Melting Watch Press & our belief in the potential of great art and the visionary artist to affect change in the world for the greater good. This day marks a special, special day for literary & American cultural history--it marks the anniversary of the birth of the epoch-defining American poet & seminal poetic theorist, Allen Ginsberg, who would have turned 91 today. Ginsberg fought ceaselessly from freedom of expression, and he made as great of an impact with his own work as he did through promoting the work of the authors & artists he believed in. Without this individual, there would be no "Beat Generation," and the great work of his most influential contempories, such as Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso & William S. Burroughs, would most likely not have the international readership & renown they enjoy today. Raise your glass to the grand architect of the Beat Generation, the man whose unifying efforts & dilligent spirit kept it all together! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GREAT ALLEN GINSBERG!

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Today marks the 214th anniversary of the birth of Ralph Waldo Emerson, the first explicitly visionary author & thinker in American history. This man was pure non-conformity; don't let some wikipedia glaze-over fool you. Although he came from three generations of preachers, Emerson broke with tradition, finding the societal, theological, and spiritual fetters of the church incongruent with his growing understanding of the individual's power to affect change in the universe. From age 14 onwards, Emerson read widely & voraciously, with his extracurricular reading nearly tripling his required schoolwork. Influenced by Goethe & Coleridge, Emerson sought a metaphysics that would eliminate the perception of "God" as the determing card-dealer of one's fate, finding the omnipotence of the "self-reliant" individual paramount, and concurrently asserting that God was not an imaginary overseer of clouds, but an energy source, a "collective consciousness" from which all human achievement was derived. 214 years ago today, the lightning rod, paradigm-blaster Ralph Waldo Emerson was born, and I will be forever grateful for his influence on my life & work!!
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*Repost from @meltingwatchpress * Paid tribute to the great master at MoMA last week during my pilgrimage to New York City, where I met with legendary biographer-sage John Tytell & poet, publisher, activist & countercultural hero Ed Sanders in Woodstock.

Repost from @meltingwatchpress -- Mike Benoit ( @thespacedolphin ) Jake Camaj ( @lazybird1967 ) & I have just published an anthology of original poetry through Mike & I's independent publishing house, Melting Watch Press! $10 + S/H per copy, click link in @meltingwatchpress Instagram Bio or dm me to snag one!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the most visionary educators ever to grace Planet Earth, JOSEF ALBERS! Albers began his life as an educator at the world-famous Bauhaus, where he worked alongside artists such as Vasily Kandisky and Paul Klee. Albers left Germany during Hitler's ascendancy, and found a job at BLACK MOUNTAIN COLLEGE, where he transformed the lives of every student that crossed his path--inspiring them to BE ASPIRING and instilling or reinforcing in each a deeper sense of vocation. Among his most successful pupils were ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG & CY TWOMBLY. READ THE BOOK "Black Mountain College: An Exploration in Community" if you enjoy learning from truly visionary educators who proved that their word would make a difference through THEIR WORK and the work of their apprentices. Albers has long left Spaceship Earth, but his depth & influence remain. πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ–ΌπŸŽ¨πŸŽ¨πŸŽ¨πŸŽ¨πŸŽ¨πŸŽ¨πŸŽ¨πŸŽ¨πŸŽ¨

On July 29, 2015, I had a life-changing, vocationally-affirming experience: I met one of the most Visionary artists I have ever had the privilege to be influenced by. Most know him from his work with The Hollies & CSN/CSNY, and some real fans know his string of incredible solo albums from the early 1970s. Graham Nash published an autobiography in 2013 entitled "Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life"--a book that is an absolutely essential tome to be devoured and STUDIED by anyone who claims to want to make a serious artistic/cultural contribution that has the potential to incite CHANGE for the greater good. I had the incredible opportunity to speak with this man and share with him my goals & aspirations, as well as the opportunity to give him due thanks for all that he has done for me to help me grow as an artist & a man. "Keep that energy up, and you certainly will CHANGE THE WORLD, MY FRIENDS," he said to my cousins Mike Benoit, Joe Neirynck, and my wonderful woman & I. This man's humility & kindness, coupled with his near-unparalleled depth of vision, has helped me relentlessly march forth on the path of betterment my collaborators & I are blazing forth on. From Mike Benoit ( @thespacedolphin ) & I, we would like to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRAHAM NASH, and sincerest thanks for keeping your infallible visionary spirit through the smoothest & roughest of times, in youth & in age--something we cannot say about most of the living legends today. Since meeting you, we have continued to work ceaselessly on everything we told you we want to achieve in this life, and Mike & I cannot wait to one day show you the songs we have been working on & what we've been up to. Maybe even, one day, you could produce a song or two of ours. We'll keep our hopes high, our spirits strong, and ALWAYS, always remember the power of the individual & the collective--indeed, the responsibility--to #changetheworld -- ...since GN doesn't have an official Instagram, maybe if I tag his phenomenal photographer & girlfriend @woodstockings Graham will see this...πŸ•ΆπŸΎ

@brandonfecteau @mind_anus_ @devbets @ryan.chris.will @antonwisbiski @brodeeeeep @curley_jefferson_airplane @angelodimaggio3 @bradgalazka @calebxcochenour @chadkarasinski @low.end_life @hunter_glaze @therealjacksonn_pobe @joddunn @mikemoodymusic @oppungo @king_olinger @alieneila66 @thejordangoose I MUST pass on with ardent fervor my newfound inspiration for this major new contribution to modern music! An incredible album by JIM JAMES has recently been released entitled "Eternally Even," and not only is the music itself spectacular and the vocals equally exuberant, the lyricism is incredible and makes a fang-laced, honest statement on the tumultuous thrall of Modernity! And for those of you who get into this album or check it out after seeing this post, we all owe my favorite genius co-conspirator @thespacedolphin A BIG FUCKING ROUND OF APPLAUSE and a THANK YOU for having the courage to buy it in a record store on a whim! It's albums like this that keep modern songwriters working today HUNGRY. Let's give it up for @removador & bask in the glow of inspiration!

On May 31, 1972 CHARLES BUKOWSKI gave a reading at the City Lights Poets Theatre in San Francisco. The reading, which was filmed for an early documentary on Bukowski by filmmaker Taylor Hackford, is featured in the exceptional Bukowski documentary "Born Into This." This item, from the archive of THOMAS RAIN CROWE, poet & impresario in SF in the 1970s and re-founder of Beatitude Magazine, was well aware of Bukowski's presence on the scene and likely was among those present at this historical early apex in Bukowski's storied career. This is the ORIGINAL FLYER in its extremely rare small format, as only one other promotional poster (which is larger & more common) was produced for the reading. This particular specimen is virtually mint, and its preservation is a nod to TRC's archival persistance. #BeatGeneration #Bukowski #CharlesBukowski #poetry #citylightsbooks @citylightsbooks

This morning I heard of the recent passing of David Meltzer, original Beat Generation-affiliated author. Meltzer's exceptional "San Francisco Beat: Talking With the Poets," and his own book of poetry, "When I Was A Poet," are exceptional contributions to the documentation of mid-century American poetic development. In 2015 I contacted Meltzer--and although in feeble health even then--he graciously responded to my letter and the sample of my work that I had included in it. I am so grateful that I had the chance to correspond with him even lightly, and his passing reminds me of why I am glad to have initiated correspondences with my still-living literary heroes and why I will continue to happily do so. These people will not be around much longer & they deserve to know they are still appreciated, that they still inspire. And today especially, I'll lift my glass to the visionaries & cherish the kindness granted by the Inspiring (like Meltzer) to the Aspiring. #beatgeneration @citylightsbooks #davidmeltzer #poetry #beatpoets

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