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Yayo Ahumada  Director of Photography

Take MY picture you say?

When bad weather just makes everything so cinematic

Monkey Portraiture

No gimbals allowed

This hallway must have been a half-mile long

Buenos días, but in Cambodian

Real monkey? Or statue?

I enjoy reading about places while I am there. I find it holds my attention in a way that I can’t achieve back home. In reading about Cambodia I learned that back in the 1970’s we dropped more bombs in Cambodia (500 million pounds) than we dropped on Japan in WW2. I was not even aware that we had bombed Cambodia at all during the Vietnam war. Between the bombing and the Khmer Rouge, it’s no wonder this country has struggled to lift itself out of poverty.

This little guy is probably about %2 of what you’ll see at Angkor Wat. Translation: “City Temple”

Helping my guide find his inner photographer

“You can taste the bright lights, but you won’t get there for free”

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