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morgan  happy mom. lucky wife. creative life. πŸ’› @just.add.oils 🌿 | @just.add.lips πŸ’‹ lkn, nc


coloring with my mini me 🍩

morning snuggles with my girls πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

is it summer yet??

yesterday i forgot to drink coffee until like 6pm 😳... today i did not make that mistake! i was sure to brew some espresso bright + early β˜•οΈ

he's my favorite πŸ’›

zachary's class has been learning about different life cycles + they got to hatch baby chicks in the classroom!! 😍🐣 today he showed me the one he named!

i grew these roses!! when i spur of the moment grabbed two rose bushes to my cart at lowes i immediately apologized to the bushes because my thumb is sort of green but it's more of a faded kind of yellow green πŸ˜‚ but so far so good!! ((ignore the poor little succulent i overwatered...))

this girl had her second meet over the weekend and did an amazing job!! still can't believe she's a gymnast - beyond proud of her!! πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ

the one who made me mommy πŸ’›

forever besties πŸ‘­ #adieandruby

6 going on 16 😭 okay curls - you can come back now!

i took this through my windshield yesterday morning. it's fuzzy + not great quality but it was just one of those moments i knew i needed to capture any way i could + as i drove closer i realized they were being extra adorable playing rock, paper, scissors πŸ‘Šβœ‹οΈβœŒοΈ

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