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Fernanda  Shitposting my way through academic life "I'm drowning here and you're describing the water!" PSA: I get easily annoyed by people so I block a lot

"Finn's pensive when asked about the scary things in the real world that don't lurk under the bed. 'I mean, I guess the normal answers. Racism, stereotypes, sexism, homophobia.'" (Thanks @canuhost for the photos!)
-- Cool ass kid. He could enjoy all the privileges that this society has to offer him being white, male and rich. I'm glad he's aware of issues that don't affect him directly. #finnwolfhard #strangerthings

People who hate Steve didn't watch the whole series or are just stupid? #strangerthings
PS. Don't die in S2

Finn and Caleb should do a photoshoot together. Just look at these cool aestethic doods. #strangerthings #calebmclaughin #finnwolfhard

This is still so fucking funny to me. Also, no offense, but people who are extra as fuck in this fandom can choke. #strangerthings

Reading Millie's interview and I don't know why I'm crying in the club right now. #strangerthings #milliebobbybrown
PS. Caleb, the therapist? Cutest shit you'll read today.
PS2. Go to Deadline, there's the whole thing.

Me watching the Instagram fandom and Twitter fandom arguing about which one is worse. Y'all are annoying as fuck, we all know the best part of this fandom comes from Tumblr.

Bloopers or death, I say. But this is nice too. #strangerthings

Saturated colors and beautiful, charming people. Two things I love. #strangerthings

(Please, Trump, don't destroy the world before S2 drops).

One of my favorite things about these photoshoots is how the people who worked with them always talk highly of the boys ❤️. #strangerthings

I live for Caleb not understanding Finn. #strangerthings #calebmclaughin #finnwolfhard

Happy beans.

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