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WHAT I'M HOLDING® 🖐🏻  I love to hold things. These are the things I love to hold. 👩🏻: ❓😉 🎯Tag & #whatimholding for features 📩Leah@whatimholding.com 🎈NYC

Are you RED-y? Got my nose for Red Nose Day 2018! #whatimholding 🖐🏻
(Not sponsored, I just think it’s a great cause.) #noseson #rednoseday #rednose

Never thought I’d be raving about a play’s special effects but what they have achieved with @hpplaynyc is incredible! Have you seen it? #whatimholding 🖐🏻
#harrypotter #hpplaynyc #hponbroadway #harrypotterplay #harrypotterandthecursedchild #book8 #nyctheater #theater #supportthearts #magic #doyoubelieveinmagic #wizardry #dayatthetheatre #broadway #broadwaymagic #muggles

Laura, creator of the project @foundbylaura a collection of found notes, shows us what she LOVES to hold. Laura found this note on the footpath of her local main street. It’s one of her favourite finds because it’s funny and weird. For each note she finds, Laura imagines the writer and creates an imaginary backstory; she loves the mystery behind it. In the last 13 years, Laura has found over 500 notes around the world. One day she hopes to meet the person who wrote this note. #whatimholding 🖐🏻 📝

Over 80 degrees means one thing... ice cream, but not just any ice cream, a Chicpwich!! I was so excited when @theorigchipwich asked me to work with them because my dad was one of the first Chipwich men. He sold them for a month while taking grad school classes and was even included in a news segment on the phenomena that was the Chipwich. Now excuse me because I’ve got several boxes that must be devoured! #whatimholding🖐🏻 #sponsored
#chipwich #theorigchipwich #chipwichisback #icecream

Baby’s first crystals. These beauties are supposed to promote courage, love, communication, peace and truth. I think I’m converted. Are you on team crystal? Which ones do you use? #whatimholding 🖐🏻
#crystals #amazonite

Yes way Alizé! @thedoughnutproject
teamed up with Alizé Pink Passion to create this gorgeous, limited edition donut. Under that shiny, Alizé Pink liqueur and lime glaze is a coconut crème filling! *It’s major yum!* Get yours today until Friday. First 50 today are free! #whatimholding 🖐🏻 #sponsored
🍩🍩🍩 @alizeincolor
#AlizePinkPassion #AlizePassionxDoughnutProject #donuts

WHO'S HOLDING: Jodi Brauer & Lindsey Erlick aka @theglutenfreetravelers show us what they LOVE to hold. Jodi & Lindsey are diagnosed Celiacs who don't let their #glutenfree diet hold them back from what they love to do - travel‼️ ✈️💚🌏 Here, Lindsey is holding a gluten free blueberry bagel that everyone will love, even 🐶! Jodi & Lindsey research the best gluten free options as they travel and love to share their finds using #gftraveler! #whatimholding 🖐🏻
#bagels #breakfastinspo #gflife

Got my own version of “L.H.O.O.Q.” this week at the @publicartfund’s spring benefit. #whatimholding 🖐🏻
#lhooq #duchamp #readymade

The food bloggers behind @newyorkfoodbabes and @londonfoodbabes show us what they LOVE to hold. Bagels are one of our all time favorite foods - all three of us love them. The classic sausage, egg, and cheese is the first breakfast we had together in New York and one of the foods that made us fall in love with food in New York! #whatimholding 🖐🏻
#sausageeggandcheese #bagelsandwich #breakfast

I am ________
We’re all so many things, but of my many traits, one thing I do believe I am (or hope I am) is an optimist. What are you? #whatimholding 🖐🏻
#whoareyou #iam #iamanoptimist

If you’re like me, the second half of Passover is the hardest. This cinnamon sugar, chocolate covered matzah from @fattysundays is getting me through the #matzahchallenge! For any use of #matzahchallenge during Passover, an anonymous donor will donate $18 to those in need via @ujafedny. Let’s get tagging people! #whatimholding 🖐🏻 #notsponsored #ijustlovefattysundays

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