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WhatHidesBeneath  Midwestern husband-wife duo exploring urban legends, true crime and everything in between and documenting them in zines and things.

To our beloved preorders - thank you! For your patience and support. The first What Hides Beneath Zine is here, in my hands. We will be donating our proceeds to @raicestexas . Preorders will be receiving prints amongst other tokens of our sincere apologies for the time elapsed. Thank you again. We learned that our lives are much too chaotic to do preorders, so for the next one, it will be available when ready (and it also won't take a year to create). Hails, WHB

Swipe right πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ details of H.H. Holmes murder castle, and the blueprint intricacies of how this culmination of stone, steel and wood housed the extensive torture and brutal murders of many people.

Winding up the Lizzie Borden section of our zine and giving you a little πŸ‘€ eye candy πŸ‘€ in the meantime: here's the body of Andrew Borden on the autopsy table, his head bludgeoned to a bloody pulp from an axe ⛏⛏⛏

Detail of the illustration I did for Lizzie Borden for the upcoming zine. Progress report: things are moving along in the midst of both of us planning out a lot of big career, school and life movements. Again, your patience is amazing and appreciated. We assure you; this zine will see its way into your supportive hands. πŸ’€#whathidesbeneath #revoltingworship #drawing #illustration #zine #murder

Behind this door, Delphine Lalaurie tortured and murdered tens of people. No such foul play was suspected of New Orleans socialite Lalaurie, until a fire at her establishment revealed a darker side to Royal Street. A bystander broke into the abode to assist with evacuation to discover a horrific scene: standers responding to the fire attempted to enter the slave quarters to ensure that everyone had been evacuated. Upon being refused the keys by the LaLauries, the bystanders broke down the doors to the slave quarters and found "seven slaves, more or less horribly mutilated ... suspended by the neck, with their limbs apparently stretched and torn from one extremity to the other", is what the civilian reported to the post. The fire itself was an attempted suicide attempt by another slave, who preferred a fiery death to the punitive measures of Lalaurie in one of her upstairs torture chambers. The corner still emulates a sickening energy: taking this photo made Steph sick to the stomach, a sensation that didn't subside until we were a block away....

The week of celebrating @revoltingworship has begun, with visiting Marie Laveau's tomb, the Lalaurie Mansion and a quick stop in the New Orleans @museumofdeath. Thanks to our hosts and it's definitely a great place to check out if you happen to be in New Orleans. Onward!

We are headed to New Orleans to look into some local lore and legends March 7-10th (and celebrate @revoltingworship being born). What places should we check out? What would you like to see photographed, illustrated and researched?

Zine update: thanks so much for your patience. As it turns out, Grad school, planning a wedding, preparing for a move, tattooing and illustrating full time have really caused a delay in our product. But here's something cool....@loudbuddy decided to make PATCHES for our first 10 presales (and a little extra)...

And we have covers! Thanks so much to @loudbuddy for hand printing all FIFTY of these. Design by @revoltingworship layout by @srcrumley. One step closer πŸ’€

@loudbuddy finishing up the screens for OUR FIRST ROUND OF ZINE COVERS

Thanks everyone so much for your patience! Shout out to our friend @loudbuddy who has been helping with the screenprinting process. Here is the final cover designed, screens to be burned Monday and covers printed next week. How excited are you?!

Getting our screens ready for printing zine covers with the assistance of @loudbuddy πŸ–€ How excited are you?!?

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