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Most people believe that the Mothman was some kind of prophetic creature who had come to warn people of an impending tradegy. This theory was brought about when on December 15, 1967, a year after the first sighting. The silver bridge, a steel bridge connecting Ohio and West Virginia and the main route into the town of point pleasant mysteriously collapsed. The accident took the lives of 46 people 2 of which were never found. On the day of the disaster people witnessed something stood on top of the bridge. Many people think that this is the Mothman and it showed it self to warn the towns people of the imminent disaster or it was responsible for the collapse of the bridge. After the bridge collapsed the Mothman sightings completely stopped and has never been seen again. Despite the tragedy the town of Point Pleasant has been keeping the legend alive. The town attracts hundreds of tourists every year who have an interest in the Mothman. It Evan had its very first festival in 2002 that continuous on every third weekend of September. It has a 12 foot metallic statue of the creature and in 2002 it opened a Mothman museum and research center.
Summary: The Mothman is a creature roughly 7 feet tall with glowing red eyes with a human look to it. It has been seen by the town of Point Pleasant in the 1960's. The first sighting was from 5 grave diggers on November 12 1966. It was claimed to be seen by multiple people with the same description. Around a year after the first sighting on December 15 1967 a bridge connecting Ohio and Wedt Virginia suddenly collapsed. It took the lives of 46 people. On the day of the disaster many people witnessed something stand on top of the bridge. Many think that this was the moth man warning everyone of the disaster or it was responsible for the collapse. After the collapse of the bridge the Mothman was never seen again.

Moth man: It's been 50 years since any sighting of the "Mothman". The first sighting of it was on November 12 1966 when 5 grave diggers were working near the point pleasant West Virginia. It's a small town with a very tight-knit community. These grave diggers claimed to have seen a man-like figure with huge bat wings flying down from nearby trees over their heads. Just a few days later on November 15, Roger, his wife and 3 other people ran terrified into the mason county courthouse and reported that they witnessed a 7 foot creature with glowing red eyes and wings. At first they thought the red eyes were just car lights until they realized it was a creature. They sped off very quickly with everyone in the car reporting that this creature followed them closely but flew off into the night sky as they approached the court house. Deputy Millard Halstead who had been on duty at the time of the incident was convinced that they were not lying because the terror in their eyes was very real and all 5 of hem gave the same story of what they saw and the were Evan in 5 different rooms. This later got wild attention from everyone in the community and lead to a hunt for the creature. No one was able to find this creature but their efforts weren't as successful so nothing was found. Not long after Marsala Bennett who was completely unaware of the sightings was visiting a friend. On her way to her car she was confronted by a large gray human-like creature and glowing red eyes. She said that she was so terrified that she dropped her infant daughter and then fell on top of her to protect her from what ever this thing was. Marsala was so terrified that she was paralyzed in this position for several minutes. She then stared straight into the red glowing eyes of the moth man and was eventually able to get up and run back to her house which she then quickly dialed 9.1.1. She then said that this this creature walked up to the portch trying to pear into the house. It suddenly left as police arrived to her house. There was later multiple sightings of this creature all with the same description.(Summary on page.2) (1/2)

Black Knight: The Black Knight satellite is a satellite that is around 13,000 years old. The Black Knight was first discovered in 1899 by a man with the name of Nikola Tesla (Pg.2). This elusive satellite is said by some Esoteric theorists to have been beaming signals towards the Earth maybe for thousands of years. The first person to receive the signals is Tesla. The Black Knight was any satellite. In the 1960s the Black Knight satellite was located once again in Polar Orbit. Astronomers and Scientists calculated the object’s weight to be around 10-15 tons which would be at that time the Heaviest Artificial Satellite to orbit our Planet. In the 1960s the Black Knight Satellite caused a media storm when American newspapers, including Time Magazine, all reported there was an unusual object in polar orbit. Polar orbit is a orbit in which a satellite passes above or nearly above both poles of the body being orbited on each revolution. (Pg.3) Summary: The Black Knight has been orbiting earth for 13,000 years and was first discovered in 1899. It is a satellite that has been beaming signals to earth for 1,000 years with a polar orbit.

The Battle Of Los Angela's: Now known as "The Battle Of Los Angela's" a giant ufo actually hovered over the city an was witnessed by hundreds of observers. There is Evan photo evidence of this event. This was during World War II right after the Pearl Harbor had been attacked, the military quickly pointed spot lights at it thinking it would be another attack. Soon after they began firing and Evan sending fighter planes to attack and destroy the mystery U.F.O, but nothing. The object was hit but didn't take any damage at all. It kept on hovering over the city with the military relentlessly trying to bring it down before it vanishing without a trace. The U.S Air Force later claimed the event on a weather balloon. What do you think?

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