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Willmick Duh  up and down I-5 more often than a serial killer

Someone reset the pinball machine and my least high score high score ranked, but ill take it.

My coworkers are using me as a guinea pig for next weeks pizza special. #dickpizza

Anyone know a glass guy?

River dog

Summer in Portland

Found a bran new, in-the-box carburetor on craigslist for $100. I dont exactly need it right now, but it was too good a deal to pass up. #mopar #65dodgedart #slant6

I went to the ER friday night. Despite my fear of eminent death, it was just the worst panic attack I've ever had. I was also really dizzy all day. I got prescribed antihistamines for the anxiety and anti-vertigo pills for the dizziness with a referral for an ear/nose/throat specialist. I feel like an idiot for going to urgent care over a panic attack.

This is how I start my car now.

Switched out the water pump. Huge thanks to @tocchinator5000 for the extra set of hands and his set of wrenches.
The damn thing is still overheating, but that might be because I'm an idiot and may have put the thermostat in backwards.
#1965dodgedart #65dodgedart #mopar

Well, that happened. #1965dodgedart #65dodgedart #mopar

I bought these books and then got into an accident that rendered my car undrivable. I guess it works out now that i'll have something to read on the bus.

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