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Made this back in December but I didn't post it because it didn't turn out how I envisioned (and other reasons I suppose). That's just how it goes sometimes. But it's grown on me, and I used it for a different project this weekend, and it's a pretty decent representation of my mind right now, so here ya go. Charcoal and colored pencil on Bristol.

Yesterday may have been #NationalPetDay but today is the kats' 13th birthday. (It also happens to be my birthday, but whatever.) #Elektra #Skadi

I had a lot of fun making these adult beverages. Unfortunately drinking was not part of the process. #beer #wine #vector #illustrator

And now the other side. Good angle with the American flag in the distance (which isn't as far away as it looks in this pic). #bitcheslovesunsets

Pretty badass sunset rainbow just now in Broken Arrow

2016 sure was a weird one. And although I fully agree with the general sentiment that it was a truly terrible year overall, it would be disingenuous if I did not recognize that it was a pretty darn good year for me personally. I went through somewhat of a renaissance period, and it will continue into 2017. Essentially, there were more ups than there had been in previous years, and that helped counteract the lows (at least a little bit!). It ended up that I have reinvented and built myself up to a point from which I am poised to grow even more and even more easily.
As for resolutions, well, I've never been much of a resolution person. Last year, I went with a goal-oriented approach which seemed to work significantly better. So since resolutions seem too ephemeral and some goals seem too vague (especially the kinds of #goals that are reduced to a hashtag), this year will be all about accomplishing more specific objectives and challenges. The distinction causes me to process the tasks differently in my mind. ("Forgive me for wanting a little specificity, Eames. Specificity?") They're not for you though. They're for me.
I think 2017 will be my most productive year so far to follow up my biggest turnaround year ever. And knowing that we are going into this dark and unknown future makes it even more important to charge forward, armed with a positive mentality and an adaptive skill set. That's all for now.
#Invictus #Evolve #Focus

#tbt to Tuesday, right after my sister's wedding. She's down there taking pictures with the umbrella. #hawaii #maui #bitcheslovesunsets

I did this #WhiteRanger thing for my #Illustrator class. It's not perfect but I'm pretty damn happy with it. Maybe I'll do the rest of them too, and then come back to this one and make it better. #tbt (I meant to have it ready for Halloween, but that didn't happen. It's amazing how much more productive I can be when my computer doesn't crash every hour.) #vector


#Skadi, chill AF and all up in my space, as I'm stressing out like crazy. That's just how it goes. I'm so proud of #Kershaw right now. Sheesh. #dodgers #thinkblue

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