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WHADAFUNK  **I make clothes & have fun** - Hand Silk Screen Printed / Made In New York 👇SHOP HERE👇


Throwback to DA FUNKIN BBQ 2017 - never thought that I’d have so many friends having a good time in one place. Also never thought I’d have sponsors, thanks again @pbrnyc & @bubbaburger

The obligatory #2017bestnine post. Thanks for liking & not just creeping. Since everyone likes the drawings so much, I am hosting my own daily drawing challenge January 2018

Shoutout the homie @thenaimhakim reppin with that classic Whadafunk Rap Sucks T Shirt ⚡️

If you see something, say something....

Who likes purple & who likes to be warm when it’s cold outside? I got you 😉

Sewing labels on the fleece lined Whadafunk Beanies. Sewing & Filming is kinda hard.

Grindin all winter to shine all summer. I’ve been designing & printing non stop & also working on a brand new Whadafunk website.

It’s’ The Season! If you need it, I got it! Stay Warm out there!

You know what this means? This means new Whadafunk Is coming soon!! ✌️

Screen Printing timelapses are fun.

BEFORE / AFTER - I always wanted some lettering on the back of the Whadafunk Van, so I did it myself 🤙

Screen Printing tonight. Gonna go LIVE next time. Disclaimer: I have no idea what I’m doing, I just do it. ✌️New Whadafunk / Coming Soon

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