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WGXC 90.7-FM  A creative community radio station based in Greene and Columbia counties, NY. WGXC is a Program Division of Wave Farm.

WGXC Record Fair in full motion, FREE until 4PM, after party at the Half Moon at 5! #wgxcrecordfair #wgxc #basilicasoundscape

Early Bird sales are open and ready for business! WGXC Record Fair, $10 until 10am and then FREE until 4. wgxc.org/recordfair #wgxcrecordfair #basilicahudson #basilicasoundscape

This sweet basket of goodies could be yours for only a $5 raffle ticket at the WGXC RECORD FAIR on Sunday 9 to 4 at Basilica Hudson, including gift certificates generously donated by local establishments! @hilocatskill @spikesrecordrack @johndoerecords @feedingtuberecords.rozztoxart @jacksrhythms #wgxcrecordfair #wgxc #basilicasoundscape2018 #wavefarm

Weird Babes is another great vendor who will be selling at the 2018 WGXC Record Fair on Sunday, Sept. 16th! Info at wgxc.org/recordfair #wgxcrecordfair #weirdbabes #basilicasoundscape #wgxc

Underwater Panther Coalition is one of many great vendors selling at the 2018 WGXC RECORD FAIR at Basilica Soundscape SEPT. 16! Details at: wgxc.org/recordfair #wgxcrecordfair #wgxc #basilicahudson #basilicasoundscape #underwaterpanthercoalition

Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7-FM presents the WGXC Record Fair 2018 in partnership with Basilica Hudson. Vendors from across the northeast gather in Basilica’s Main Hall to sell vinyl, CDs, cassette tapes, DVDs, plus books, musical equipment and instruments, and radio-related ephemera. The plentiful WGXC tables are a digger’s dream, with a variety of affordably priced records in all genres.

Some love from WGXC listener and app stream user Diana Abadie. Thanks Diana! For info on how to use the Wave Farm app to stream a live event, email info@wgxc.org.

WGXC’s Radio Everywhere! pledge drive is still going on. Give today so that Emily & Fahim can keep talking about books on the air every week on Bound by Books! #wgxc.org/donate #wgxc #radioeverywhere

Streaming live on wgxc.org and the Wave Farm app until 6pm, Dumptruck acoustic set live from Spike’s Record Rack in Catskill!

Join the crew at Catskill Point for the Corning barge glass blowing demonstrations today, and if you haven’t yet, make your pledge to support WGXC for our #RadioEverywhere! pledge drive! #wgxc.org/donate

How could you say no to these two? Support your creative community radio station today by going to wgxc.org or calling 518-697-7400 to help us meet our essential operating expenses and bring you the radio you know and love! wgxc.org/donate #communityradio #wavefarm #wgxc

Join these heavy hitters in supporting WGXC’s Radio Everywhere! Pledge Drive. Keep our young voices on the air by calling 518-697-7400 or visiting wgxc.org/donate to make your pledge today!

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