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Never been much of a sandwich girl, but these Oroweat Bread Sandwich Thin Rolls changed the game for sandwiches. They are so moist and soft, I enjoyed every bite of it! We brought them on our anniversary trip because it’s delicious, nutritious and super convenient! Perfect for a balanced and on the go lifestyle. Oh and they are made with olive oil and sea salt which was a nice touch because it adds some flavor to the sandwich. Wah and I ate this entire box within 2 days, haha! #DoYourOwnThin #ad

Imagine waking up to this ❤️

Soaking it in 🍃

Lived in LA collectively for about 4 years...FINALLY went to the @rosebowl_fleamarket this past weekend! So many goodies there, highly recommend! Just go early to beat the heat. We woke up late & got there around 11am & we were sweatin!! You know it’s hot when my itty bitty titties produced sweat 😂 That does not usually happen OK!

Love days at home with the pups 🐕 They love when their friend @leonardotheyorkie comes over to play 😊

Being extra mindful with staying off social media at night lately. Nothing is wrong with it, I love a good browse on Instagram before bed. BUT, I noticed it will keep my mind way too busy to fall asleep. Instead, I’ve been journaling, reading or painting 3-4 hours before bed instead of being on the computer or my phone. Thanks @wander_beauty for sending me the @fiveminutejournal! 📖


Having a cup of tea and filming my bullet journal set up today 🍵 What are you doing? Wishing everyone a productive, happy, blessed day!
Rings are @shopsweetpeeps, a brand created by my graphic designer, Donna. Please show her some love! All the pieces are so dainty, perfect for everyday at affordable prices!

So many of you asked for outfit details since my last post! Sweater is from @freepeople, overall skirt is from @oakandfort 💫

I have a little obsession with dainty jewelry 💫 Rings & necklace are from @shopsweetpeeps. They have the cutest jewelry at affordable prices. Definitely check them out!

My big baby turned 11 today! 🎂 Michi holds a very special place in my heart (shh..don’t tell Money 😂) She will be the first to jump in front of anything to protect me, but will cry over a nail trim. She would always stare us down for food, but knows to never steal food off the table. She would scream out of joy and smile so hard every time we come home. At our first home, she learned on her own to use the tub to pee because she knows not to make a mess in the house. Seriously, the smartest girl! Sometimes I feel like I don’t give her enough attention because Navi & Money are so needy, but it’s as if she understands. She knows she’s my girl and even when I’m not giving 100% of my attention to her like when she was our only dog- she just knows. I freakin LOVE this dog! I’m grateful everyday that she’s mine ❤️ Please wish @michiko_shiba a happy birthday! (We’ll read the comments to her 😂)

Celebrating our anniversary next week...say what! Where did the time go? Feels like yesterday when we were teenagers going to college house parties and my mom getting mad at me for coming home too late 😂 Now we have a life of our own, just 2 best friends in love with life and each other. I love you! 〰️dress is @shoprahi

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