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Tea party for one please 🍵 I’ve always loved tea parties, so I decided to throw one for myself at home! Made a delicious cucumber sandwich & tuna sandwich with @oroweatbread Organic Rustic White Bread 🍞 The organic bread is perfect for on the go, or you can have some girlfriends over to enjoy a tea party with you. (Wah actually joined my tea party and loved it, haha) It’s delicious, nutritious and convenient for anytime you need something to fill your belly 😋 #SliceOfAdventure #ad

Can you spot Money? 🐶 Also, what color do you think we should paint the van?! I’m thinking a nude/sandy color. What do you think?!

Tag someone you want to see the world with ☺️ @wahfied

My pack 🐾 The best thing about having dogs is that love they shower you with every morning, every walk, every treat, every time you come home...the list just goes on! The love these dogs have given me is irreplaceable. Love them so much ❤️

Days are getting colder, so I’m enjoying the last bit of the patio before the rain comes this winter! I love editing outside to the cool crisp air ⛅️ Have you guys started your holiday shopping yet? These @sudio wireless earphones are a perfect gift for anyone in your life. I use them when I’m editing, to talk on the phone and listen to music. You can also get 15% off with my code WEYLIE15 if you’re interested! Love you guys, and hope you have a great day! ✨ #ad

The kindest, sweetest soul I know ❤️ You guys may know my friend Sandra from our camping trips and adventures from when we lived back home. Not only is she the sweetest person in the world, she loves art and her drawings are the perfect representation of her. I love holidays and birthdays because she would always make me a personalized card with her paintings ☺️ Check out her art page @sandra.s.ko, promise it will make you smile 😊

🎣 @wahfied

There were campsites right next to this view 😍 Would you camp here? So many of you have expressed to me that camping scares you. I’m sure we’ve all heard some horror stories, but most the time as long as you go prepared, with the right people and do your research about where you’re camping in- you should be good! Personally I like camping at National Parks because they have amenities like showers, toilets, and potable water. They usually are gated as well with rangers on site. But I do love a secluded campsite with nothing too ☺️ I highly encourage everyone to experience camping at least once! What was your worst OR best camping experience? I’m really curious to hear your stories!

How many of you have actually explored around the place you live? Growing up in the Bay Area, I definitely took for granted the beautiful nature I was surrounded by. I spent my weekends at the mall, boba shops and restaurants. I did go hiking with friends, but I regret not exploring Monterey, Carmel, Half Moon Bay, and up north of San Francisco more! Now that I live in LA, I’m hoping to explore this area more and was so happy we came across this beautiful park to hike in. People always say there’s not much nature in LA, but if you drive out a bit- you’re greeted by beautiful places like this one ❤️

Random shot I found in my camera roll. Love the tones in this ❤️ Looking for new nature photography accounts to follow! Do you guys have any recommendations?!

TODAY IS THE DAY! The new collection from @proof_collective is available for pre-order! Items like this classic sweatshirt, basic tees, men’s items and more are now 25% off with the code FALL2018 in addition to the 20% off pre-order discount. Girl hop on it!! I promise you it will be the best basic pieces you’ve ever owned. I’ve been wearing their pieces every single day and feel so good in them. Not only are they comfortable, the fit is perfect 👌🏽 I’m an XS in the sweaters and easy t-shirt, and a S in the shrunken t-shirt for reference.
Please show @proof_collective some love! You can learn more about their story on their website or through Instagram. I love their responsible and sustainable take on fashion. Everything is made here in the US- 100% organic cotton and hemp blends that feels good and don’t lose its shape in the wash. Ahhhh you guys are gonna love these! The sale won’t last for long, so if you’re looking for the perfect basics to add to your wardrobe, this is the time! Thank you guys for your support to our friends, we are all so grateful! ❤️

A couple years ago, I came across a photo of an old couple. They were asked “what is the secret to a long lasting marriage?” They replied: “back in our days, when something is broken you don’t throw it away. You fix it”
Since then, that has stuck with me. Whether it be my relationship with Wah, with my belongings, and now our van. I was really nervous about the idea of getting an old van so I did a ton of research. I tried to prepare myself as much as I possibly could for this! I thought about so many different options- trailers, class C rv’s, Mercedes Sprinter, Dodge ProMaster, school bus....(hmm...what else am I missing? 😂) But after a lot of going back and forth, I knew I ultimately wanted a Volkswagen so we started searching for them on Craigslist and found this one!
I feel so alive from the excitement I feel from renovating the van, taking it out on the road and just seeing it parked in my driveway! Point of this post is, as I’m getting older, I catch myself wanting more for myself. More as in pushing myself to do things that scare me, learning things I know NOTHING about and not being afraid to reach out to people and ask questions. More importantly it’s reminding me to see value in old things. Some people have told me that I’m wasting my money on fixing the van when instead I can buy a new one. Yeah, they’re right! But what I’m going to learn through this van that needs work and love is not something I’ll get from buying a brand new van. I love a challenge and getting my hands dirty! Speaking of getting my hands dirty, Wah and I are gonna replace the shocks on our van this week so wish us luck!
Thank you guys for being so excited about our “new” van! I appreciate you all so much for being happy for us and telling us that you’re excited for the new adventures to come! If you’re not updated, we have a few new videos on our vlog channel! ❤️

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