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🅾☾ memes only!  If you're reading this then you're doing good at reading keep it up! Help me get to 1billion 💪 .. #memes #oc #meme

My pet lobster Glinda got lose the other day and when I grounded her she started barking. Like you're not a dog you're a lobster don't bark and now it's meowing. Bout to take her back to Von Maur were I bought her in exchange for some cuff links ( 🅾☾ by @westinmeme )
Anywho , Happy Wednesday memers and dreamers. Like if I should post more. I should I know

Is it true that 2pacs last words were "ouchie ouch"?? dunno what this comp is but
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1st 🅾☾ Story time!➡ Scroll ➡to see this heroic team of doctors save a man's life. 1 like = 1 respect (By. @westinmeme )

Nocha lover nocha friend : the Dorito boyfriend @doritos
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If relationships were like Netflix subscriptions..
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Any other no-bodies out there ?? (🅾☾ by @westinmeme )
Oh and I'm doing this thing were If you post one of my memes and message me I'll put your name in the comments of my next meme! First person to do this is @bryansbutteredbutthole.exe .. Yep that's his name.. anywho thanks for following y'all!!

This actually happened. I was raised by fish and they taught me how to use Photoshop . Fish are actually very tech -savvy ( 🅾☾ @westinmeme )

People had to PRAY not to get in a fight with this man!
(🅾☾ by @westinmeme )

Only like if you're a goofy goober too. (O.c. @westinmeme )
#spongebob #spongebobmemes

Please cast your vote below!! And SWIPE ☡➡ 4 another zucky meme. Foreal @facebook should be paying all of us for using their app!! Same with instagram. They are nothing without us.
Like of you agree
@westinmeme 4 President 2048
Also s/o to new OC memer @chet_bet

Rest assure the earth is back to its orginal round shape. You're welcome. ( @westinmeme ) #oc #flatearthsociety #flatearth

You know you're having trouble finding love when you get catchfished by an egg.
Sorry y'all I've been busy with school but ya boy came back with an egg meme 🤙😋😄
(O.c. @westinmeme )

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