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West Coast Choppers  Motorcycle Company founded by Jesse James in 1989

If you could only pick one. Cisco Dominator or Death Dealer CFL? Both bikes have the same exact frame dimensions, same motor, same trans. Both built for myself to ride. Which is better?

Four inch up CFL with a hand formed mild steel “Wasp” tank made by Mighty Whitey...

“Gold Digger”

Over the years we find ourselves lucky enough to have a solid network of dealers around the world, and the number is still growing, which makes us proud and humble! One of the very dedicated dealers are at the other side of the pond. West Coast Riders just opened a great new store in the heart of Bordeaux, France! If you are in the area and have a chance go and say hi and check the great store they have! @westcoastriders.shop thanks for the great work and support #westcoastchoppers #worldwide #choppersforlife #jessejames

30% OFF SPRING WEEKEND CLEANING! We expect a bunch of new stuff soon, so we have a clean-out sale this weekend to make space! Take your chance on selected styles with 30% off! We ship Worldwide! Ends Monday or while supply lasts, don’t snooze stock is limited! Click LINK in BIO☝️#spring #westcoastchoppers #choppers4life #belowtheheavens

If you say Fake over and over, pretty soon it even sounds Fake. This poor Sumbitch even got a Fake “Letter of Authenticity” with his Fake #WestCoastChoppers bike. Be careful out there Mofo’s. There’s only One West Coast Choppers. If somebody has to tell you it’s shop built bike, it probably ain’t. #jessejames

CONGRATS @tokenhaolegirl YOU WON! DM is your address so we can send you the #westcoastchoppers Skate Deck! We will throw some other goodies in the box for you! #jessejames

Check out this Ultra Rare(Only one in the USA) #WestCoastChoppers skate deck from the Alcatraz Festival we put on in Europe. Alfredo says Let’s have a little Contest! (1) Tag 3 of your friends in the comments (2) Post up your best Skate/BMX pic as a kid and hashtag #westcoastchoppers... That’s it! Contest ends next Wednesday! Good luck! #jessejames

.....Radial Hell.....

City of Long Beach’s precipice...

STICK IT! Our stickers have always been a pretty good one finger salute to convention! So it became time in these days of political correct b*llshit that we bring back a pack with some golden oldies as well as some new ones! Oh and they are sent free of shipping, old fashioned by mail! #stickit #onefingersalute #westcoastchoppers https://www.westcoastchoppers.com/collections/accessories/products/sticker-pack

The West Coast Choppers Dominator-S (swingarm) A design that sailed over everyone’s head much like the CFL2. At a time when most were clamoring and begging us to make 280mm rear tire bikes. We were cutting a new groove and reimagining the FXR. I’m happy to say the time has finally come for this bike and the Dominator-S is in production(minus the x-wedge) We are building several for customers now at our scenic location in Austin Texas on Barton Creek. Now I need one for myself! #jessejames

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