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  gay and afraid


these memes are a depiction of the timeline of me coming out to you to the flag that this is if you want to think about that and yes i will get backlash from this post but i think people should know that I go by Dylan and he/him :) fear

i shaved all my hair off like two weeks ago?? and then a big hoo ha happened but anyway i never knew how far my forehead came out before now

i remember when your head caught flame, it kissed your scalp and caressed your brain, well you laughed baby its okay, its buzzcut season anyway

i think im excited

i keep making excuses not to like you because im a pussy

i physically cant talk without it hurting me and so yes i may be sick af but we all know i am just ill


the washing machine broke again

I'm afraid that I need help

He's probably too big to be carried now but he's still handsome and forever a puppy 🐶

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