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Weslie Christensen  Hi. Hey. Hello! 👋🏼 my name is weslie. Contact: weslie.christensen@gmail.com


Conversation topic of the day: why are moms boobs all "floppily"? 🤦🏼‍♀️...good thing those 3 are cute.

You only live once...So make sure to spend 15 hours on the internet each day seeking validation from strangers. 😜

My reaction when someone tells me they're not balls deep into GAME OF THRONES. You guys, I CANT STOP! I'm dreaming in G.O.T. lingo and haven't brushed my teeth---so it's bad, real bad.

For when people ask you what the difference between having boys and girls is....you're welcome. #ozzyboy #remalema

The number of times I've accidentally left my phone outside in the grass overnight has far exceeded the nights that I've actually kept it on me and charged this whole summer long---AND PEOPLE! It's amazing! Anywho--hi! Miss you! I'm alive!

This baby love child of ours is 9 years old now. She is just as sweet, funny, and kind as she is beautiful- AND MAN! That's saying a lot. Zuzu girl, we L❤️VE you so much!

I love my family---&& I really, really love @indyblue_ for making this!

Those two 😍. I tried to make Ozzy wear a brown, linen button down shirt to fit the BOHO motif, but he insisted on being naked, per usual, so we met in the middle and agreed on his KI⚡️⚡️tee. 🤗

A picture is worth a thousands words.... & I think this one mostly says HAM. But all these cute kids got to together to celebrate @taytumandoakley's first birthday---and it was INSANE-like wedding status! Good job @madisonbontempo and @kylerstevenfisher on the most beautiful baby girls, and equally beautiful party.

Is it gif with a 'G' or a 'J'? && Will we ever really know? Regardless of how to say it, @brono made me one for my #magicofvulnerability challenge---and I ❤️ it.

It's over...done...finito! My #magicofvulnerability challenge has come to an end, and the final post is up at DoubleYouDot.com (in bio!) ▪️You guys are basically the bomb.COM for sticking this out with me, and I love you all so much for it. It could have gone so, so south....the Internet can be such a scary place to choose to be vulnerable, but it was truthfully a lovely experience because of all of you guys, and your participation. ▪️ Moving forward, I would love to hear what you guys want to hear from me now that the Vulnerability Challenge is over...I'm so curious! ▪️Ps... @tristenikaika took this photo---and it's my favorite one to date.

Guys! My sister, @haid_dog, turns 14 years old today!!! She's the coolest girl I know and I think it would be hilarious to bomb her with LIKES ❤️❤️And FOLLOWS for her 14th birthday!

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