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Got this couch online for $334 at @walmart. It also comes in pink. ...And is a sleeper sofa. So basically, I'd be a real witch if I didn't scream this from the rooftops.

There's nothing more fierce than a determined woman. ...And when you times that by 2...oh boy. These two sisters are on a roll, and nothing makes me happier than seeing them put their minds together and work hard.

Dirty room and mirror selfies are the only way we seem to get a photo together these days. I love it regardless.

This kid, guys, this kid. #mamasbusy

At least one of us was lookin...

I stare at him like this alllll the time, but especially today-CAUSE ITS HIS BIRTHDAY! So, to my love on your birthday, another year has passed...and you've become even more handsome/awesome/funny/& talented than the day I met you in the Wynnsong movie theater parking lot 12.5 years ago. You're like a fine wine that gets better with age, and man oh man, I sure am glad I snagged you up 18 years old.

It's the kids last day of school before we move, and as I picked up Remi today for the last time her teacher pulled her aside, gave her a big hug, and got emotional as she said her goodbyes. I can say there is NOTHING more validating than having someone else outside of your family that sees the goodness in your child and loves them. Good teachers make the world go round! We ❤️ Mrs. Fleischman!

It's Valentine's Day, so I wanted to share what my valentine was up to in just the last 12 hours.... 1) He raced home from work early so I wouldn't have to be alone with Craigslist strangers at our house. 2) He watched the Bachelor and Teen Mom with me. 3) He wrapped all our kids V-day morning surprises in pink wrapping paper with gold metallic hearts while I watched from the couch. 4) He got me a towel when I forgot to do so myself in the shower. 5) He woke up with our puking and headachy 8 year old & got her cold things to lay on her head (he chose a rock hard, frozen burrito 😹), and found oils to rub on her back,----and finally, 6) After said sick 8 year old daughter loudly threw up everywhere and accidentally woke up the crazy two year old son at 5 am, he sat on the couch with him until he had to leave for work at 9. ♥️This is what valentines looks like for us now. ...And I have to say, I love and appreciate it so much more than getting flowers and a fancy dinner. I really do. He takes care of us 365 days a year--He's there...He always shows up. He's the best father to our kid gang...this stuff is the best present he could ever give me. I love you, @brono

When this becomes your entire photo library 🤦🏼‍♀️.... #mileytounge #damnyouhannahmontana

My new sister @diana_sandoval and @bloomsss...the cutest newlyweds I have ever seen!

Went back and forth on if I should share how gnarly all my feelings are on our countries current situation, and how sick I feel thinking about all those hurting refugees and legal citizens that have been affected. Then I realized sharing my opinion won't help directly--but my actions could. ▪️I know the majority of us are sick about this--but spewing our feelings online will do little. Take that time and energy you would use to post on social media about your outrage and put it into searching out a reputable charity to give to---sponsor a family or child directly...ANYTHING. There are ways to help. ▪️My kids and I just sat and actually went through photos-this is something I have sheltered from them until today- today, though, I felt they needed to see. I don't want to pretend to them that this isn't actually happening...even though it's scary, it's also real. It's happening. Our country is now a part of the problem-they have to know this. Educate your children, donate if you can, DO something. Anything.

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