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It may be 11pm...but my day 8 #MagicofVulnerability is up! Whew...that's was close one!

#MagicofVulnerability post 7 is up!

Vulnerability Post 6 is up! #magicofvulnerability 🌟And to everyone participating...I love yer guts 😘😘😘

Vulnerability Post 5 is up!! There really is truth to #magicofvulnerability! It's magical guys, truly magical. βœ¨πŸ’«πŸŒŸ

The Vulnerability Challenge Post 4 is up! It's part two of yesterdays, so make sure to read that one first, otherwise you'll be like πŸ€”. #magicofvulnerability

Vulnerability Post 3 is up...and I think I'll go hide in a corner until tomorrow... πŸ™ˆ. Ps...mad props to @brono. This is all him, guys, all him. He is proving to me yet again that his love for me is selfless by encouraging me to post this, and he's just the best. THE VERY BEST! #magicofvulnerability

Post 2 of the Vulnerability Challenge is up! I love reading the comments and the #MagicOfVulnerability tags, guys...you're the best! Link in bio

I did something crazy and scary this morning and started a VULNERABILITY CHALLENGE on my blog. --I've had nervous diarrhea ever since I hit that 'publish' button. Anyway, I would love, love, LOVE it if you joined me in 30 days of sharing some of your truths, fears, or experiences that normally go unshared. ...and make sure to tag #MagicOfVulnerability so we can follow along!! πŸ“·: @caaamilaaaaaa

Meet my friend, Raph. ...as in Raphael. Sometimes Mikey, but never Leonardo or Donatello. 🐸🐸🐸🐸

This is my mom and Bronson's mom together at @risefestival last year. And it's sooooo them. Just watch it. They're there for us in every moment small or large, in happy times and in very hard times--& they love our babies as if they came out of their own body. This is the one area that I claim proudly--the good mom department. I know I have the best moms there could be, and love and appreciate them so, so , SO much. Happy Mother's Day! I love you! @joymarkham @tamtammy

Check out my snap story to see the @twistshakebaby in action...WE LOVE IT! ..and you'll get 20% off with the discount code: WESLIE20 #twistshakebaby

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