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Songs come to me like a stream of consciousness- this is just an improv jam - when i free myself up of all human noise and expectation in my head, intuition takes over.. it doesn’t have to make sense but it always feels right and then you work from that pure expression.. that’s how songs are born.. in my workshops i demonstrate how this a big part of the creative process and you learn about yourself so much through it by putting yourself on the spot without thinking or judging just doing.. and it’s fun to guide people through it - especially the people that were told and convinced they don’t have a creative bone in their body. They are are usually the wild cards ♦️.. follow #personalfreedomworkshops for more

The letter famously covered by @joe_cocker - I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging with Joe a few times he was such a beautiful man...

This is YER BLUES by @thebeatles -> the white album is my fave record - cause it’s so eclectic and not boxed in to one sound.. this is me just jamming it off the cuff - most of the time when I play, my body does it and I’m just an audience member myself. It’s like automatic writing or something.. #wescarrraw #thebeatles #thewhitealbum #abbeyroad

I STILL WAIT FOR YOU. A song I wrote in 2017 featured on my Hummingbird album .. 🙏 #wescarrhummingbird

“Come as you are” by @nirvana.official.band - when in doubt sing nirvana. No complaints but just had one of those days, you know... #nirvana #comeasyouare

A little idea kicking around today - “Personal Freedom” NOte to self - Just be happy. #wescarrraw

Writing A song is just having a conversation with yourself. Here’s a little spill of something.. I’ll finish one day .. instead of it it living on my voice memos I’ll just keep it all here for now.. “time slow down” —> time is our one greatest asset I guess.. kids grow up too quick - our dreams depend on it - we waste so much of it without knowing early on.. ✈️🕤🕑🕛♥️🙏 #wescarrraw

Just drinkin some #tennesseewhiskey on a Friday afternoon with some friends having a sing with @musicbytahli —> love this song @chrisstapleton #americana #americanmusic #grammys

#winecheeseandtunes ready to fire again on the 24th of Nov! Last one for the year.. come and celebrate with us.. limited tickets..! Every event has sold out so far!! Can’t wait @hinterlandfeijoas - link in bio for tix

Just finished listening to my australiana record mastered. Holy shit, I’m so happy with it. Can’t wait to get it out now - out Dec 7 independently ⚡️💪🏼

HUMAN - a little idea for a country song .. I’m only human just like you.. it’s cool to be vulnerable you know... #wescarrraw

Baby blue - another idea / jam on the spot - instead of it living in my voice memos I’m just gonna leave them here .. —> I hear a lot of reverb and Motown drums for this one.. not sure who baby blue is, but she sounds interesting.. #shineyourlight #wescarrraw

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