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the pappz never leave me alone. can't catch a break these days! #justthiccdogthings #youwouldntunderstand #bighead

hot jeebers! can't even walk to the family barnyard without this happening. sick of the game. she's just praying for a share of the crops, i'm not giving her our cabbage. #justfarmerthings #cabbagehead

thicc boy doesn't have to harvest his kelp farm anymore, he's selling it to the old jumble man. barack obama didn't marry michelle for this, he married for the safety of the kelp farm. you should be ashamed @michelleobama

I’m 15. I’ve lived in isolation all my life. I eat tasteless, textureless nutritional paste. I have not met another human being in my life. I have never seen the sun. I had consigned myself to living like this my whole life. This result gives me a glimmer of hope. A glimmer that says, “I could do something”. “I could be someone.” “People would know me.” “People would love me.” “I could be… A bottleneck two footer.”

to thomas

every child's day should begin with a smile! not this baby boys. sometimes life comes at you fast and your chair breaks in half and your body cracks like a pretzel stick. pretzel stick boys with the girth, gone to the smoothie bar. i'm still stuck. please god save me.

frozen food aisle, hats from jesus christ himself, camping chairs for the googley boys, and freezy pops on deck. this may seem like a threat but don't worry, it's just so we can put a stop to the immature madagascar cast members saying "boobies" on our FAMILY FRIENDLY minecraft server. sorry alex but the movie fame doesn't give you a free boobies pass. kick it with marty in the trash.

sometimes all you need to survive is a little fiji and an egg toss with the chop boys. i have come upon many species that don't come to the egg toss on time and they go extinct. lol dumb dinosaurs maybe come to the egg toss next time stupid

so thankful to have friends that let me play on their nintendo ds even though i recently went blind. now that my vision is gone, i strongly stand by what owl city once said, "You would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep". thank you for your time

found this snatch on the musically application! i gave him a like and invited him over for a crazy sleepover extravaganza. i locked all the doors and snagged this pic & posted it on facebook to make my grandma jealous, you'll never meet him, gramoob! she is going to freak when she sees this! any grandma attacks resulting from this photo are WARENTED under hunter rowland trademark. do not repost this picture or you will be fined for 200 buckaroos, don't risk it stanberg.

sometimes not even a big ol' polar pop can turn that frown upside down, sammy! you need a sprinkle of baby wipes, two kellogg cereal boxes, eight chicken eggs, and a dozen papa johns pizzas for a real road toad to say hello. if you are a road toad, come with me to the toad rodeo. #roadtoad #brownsugarboy

you are as sad as this dog on a blog!!!! the only way to true happiness is to see me on tour. the cities i go to on tour are 100% determined by whichever cities get the most votes from u doobies with the link in my bio. i am going to regret this so much, please don't vote for africa. click the link in my bio to vote for me to come to ur city. NOT AFRICA. thanks sammy. tourdemand.live/weston-koury

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