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JoAnne Harris 


Happy birthday, cousin sister extraordinare. May it be a year where all your elephant / hot wings / Miguel / marg dreams come true. Thanks for always, always, always showing up for me. ❤🎉🌟❤🎉🌟❤🎉🌟

One of these things is not like the others. #jcmakeityours #marashino


The Harris Horras crew.

They planned it.

Zaprudering @mackenziehorras.

Happy siblings day, @harrisjm05. ⭐️⭐️❤❤

Prepping so hard in Dallas for tomorrow's fanfare performance with the #dallaswindsymphony #texasaandm #brass #aaronsorkin #coffee #canadiantuxedo

The phenomenal wedding dress designs we concocted at @edgeofthemat's bachelorette brunch. #sweenskiwedding #tp

I was born at night but it wasn't last night, Mr. Persichetti. At some point, a circle of fifths sequence will feel awfully frustrating with a lowered leading tone ... you old trickster

It really is Lutosławski that drove me to the 40''. Even still, Mrs. Lutosławski's scrawl is kind of small. It's not my aging corneas, though, definitely not. It's Lutosławski. And his wife's copying. That's it.

Thank you for +1 ing me, @akenny! What a delight. Kate Burton you guys.

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