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Ship life! It does a body good.

Finally made it to Mexico! Perfect warm and sunny weather today for touring around!

Drama on the ship! Coast Guard had to come and emergency evacuate a person for medical reasons at sunrise in the fog! Wow do I have many stories to tell. What an ordeal! We've had a few this week but luckily not anyone from our group. What's the craziest ship story you've seen?
PS... sun soon came out and I was laying by the pool as usual so I'll be just fine!

Don't send for help. I'll be just fine!

Never met an island palm tree I didn't LOVE! Did you?

Amazing day touring to the highest mountain observatories in the world on Mauna Kea on the island of Hawaii! Saw so many things. Learned so much. Wow! Nature is amazing! So is technology.

Just arrived in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii! See that snow capped dot in the distance? It's Mt. Mauna Kea the tallest observatory in the world. Heading there now. Yes I'm the only one in warm and sunny Hawaii with a coat on! It's 85 degrees down and 30 degrees up there. Yippee!

Having fun hanging out in Maui today! Aloha

The Pier on the island of Kauai Hawaii. A picture from our last stop yesterday. Eating breakfast now, waiting for the sun to rise and for us to pull in to Maui today. 30mins. Aloha!

The real view is behind us at Opaekaa Falls but I liked this view across the bridge better! #kauai

Gilligan's Island intro episode was filmed here! Kauai is so beautiful! We've been touring all over the island today and have seen every famous movie location and more. Aloha!

BEST way to start the day is watching whales swim freely next to your boat at sunrise as your ship heads in to Kauai Hawaii! It's going to be a perfect day! Do you LOVE whale watching too?