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Wendy's 🍔  Wendy’s is the Official Hamburger of the NCAA®. NCAA is a trademark of the National Collegiate Athletic Association

Grab 50¢ because that’s how much a small Frosty is. Tell your friends.

When it comes to fresh beef, we're #1.

The 4 for $4 is the best deal for any meal, no matter where you are.

Keeping it cool with the return of the 50¢ small Frosty.

That Dave’s Double...Could. Go. All. The. WAY! From our store to your door with delivery through DoorDash.

We’ll all float on to grab our favorite deal, the 4 for $4.

The only thing better than a Frosty and fries is when the small Frosty is only 50¢.

It’s time to eat, which means the 4 for $4 is coming your way.

You want 50¢ small Frosty back? 50¢ small Frosty is back!

Surround yourself with the best deal in the world, the 4 for $4.

No matter where you spend your summer, that 4 for $4 is coming in clutch for lunch.

Grab some Chicken Tenders, grab some sauce. Grab more Chicken Tenders, grab all the sauce. There’s no such thing as too many Chicken Tenders.

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