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Who else is curious about that new D.Va skin 🤔
Mei is @_meou
Magical girls designed by Shourca
Photo by @saterialeproductions
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Boop! I can’t believe I only wore this cosplay once. I’m too critical of my work and only see flaws. I gotta stop doing that X3
Photo by @photogkun #sombra #sombracosplay #overwatch #overwatchcosplay #bunny #bunnysuit #cosplay #paxsouth

Watching the game at my favorite bar tonight! Wooooh! 🔥💙 #dallasfuel #burnblue #overwatch #overwatchleague

How many of you started following me because of my D.Va cosplays? #throwbackthursday To my original D.Va cosplay! @paxsouth is this weekend and it reminds me that it’s been 2 years since I first cosplayed D.Va and debuted this costume! Wow time flies! This costume unfortunately wasn’t popular when I first wore it. (The game hadn’t released yet so most people didn’t know who I was) But I’m glad D.Va became popular later and so many people watched my tutorial video. I know I said I was going to remake my D.Va as I sold this one not long after I debuted it. But I’m being very perfectionist about my second suit because I want it to be the most perfect costume I’ve ever made. It’s the least I can do for my queen. ❤️ Maybe I’ll finish it this year 🤷🏼‍♀️ Right now I’m trying to finish up some of my other abandoned projects, like Destroyer D.Va, so I can clean it my workspace. Stay tuned! 💕 #dva #dvacosplay #overwatch #overwatchcosplay #cosplay #sidebysidecosplay #sidebyside #nerfthis #gamer

Who’s watching the Overwatch League tonight? Go @dallasfuel !!✨👍🏻 #Overwatch #OverwatchLeague #owl #dallasfuel #pachimari

Look at this adorable painting @klov3r made for me 😭💕 It’s so precious, thank you so much!
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What D.Va cosplays do you want to see from me this year?
Photo by @hugohdz
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So after some thinking I’ve finally decided on my 2018 cosplans. I basically completed almost none of last year’s list 💔 And that was for a multitude of reasons but mostly from a loss of interest. New characters are announced or my friends start planning a new group cosplay and I change my mind easily, which isn’t a bad thing at all. I just thought very carefully about what cosplays I REALLY want to make this year and I’m going to try my best to stick to the plan. I’m going to focus on crossing off my cosplay bucket list so at the end of the year, my huge cosplan list feels a little smaller. This past year was full of spontaneous builds that my heart wasn’t necessarily in. I did it because it was easy, quick, and fun, which is ok, I’m just sad I didn’t spend more time working towards my ultimate goals. I’ll probably have a good amount of spontaneous builds that are just for fun but I don’t want to let them distract me this year. And I’m sure some amazing new characters will come out that will make me put stuff on hold, but I’m hoping this list will help me be more selective and patient when it comes to adding something new to my lineup.
The first page of this slideshow is my ultimate goals of 2018. If I finish all of these, I will feel so accomplished who cares what else I make the rest of the year. D.Va 2.0 and Sylvanas will require a lot of attention from me in order for me to make them at the level of quality I want them to be. They will be my biggest challenges and I refuse to cut corners on them, which is why they will take me much longer to make than the other builds.
The second slide shows my costumes that I’ve abandoned and hope to finish ASAP. Most of them are about halfway finished, and I put down once the difficult parts remained. It’s hard to pick something back up when you know it’s gonna be a headache, but I’m going to try my best to finish these as soon as possible to I can make room for new in-progress items.
The last slide shows my side builds. These are some group cosplans and other builds I would love to work on after my main goals have been accomplished.
This is a lot but I hope to get to a good chunk of them and stay focused this year. ❤️

Cold Sailor Scouts ❄️🎀 The weather is freezing over here and I can’t help but remember last year’s ANT when the @cosmiccoterie crew shot in the cold. We were huddling for warmth between shots X3 #sailormoon #cosplay
Mercury: @wendykkuma
Mars: @koholint_cosplay
Jupiter: @reidnoodles

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