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Wendy Garrett  Photographer from California, currently living in New Mexico.


"No one expected me. Everything awaited me." -Patti Smith

Hinged to forgetfulness like a door.

Some things just stick in your mind.

Trouble is a lonesome town.

Anyone who knows what love is (will understand).

Lost in my own home, walking in a dream, I can't remember where I've been.

Stranger passing by.

Stranded in the mystery zone.

In this town television shuts off at two.

Just like anything.

A few years ago when I was living in the Mojave desert, I started a postcard club as a means to connect with people in a more tangible way while I myself felt incredibly isolated and disconnected from everything. I sent out hundreds of postcards and it was an important reminder that finding small ways to connect with strangers or even acquaintances answered a lot of questions I had about the world, removed some misconceptions, and truly reminded me of the simple power that connection holds. In these past few weeks I've been recognizing a duality in most people: an exhilarating sense of unity through a shared experience of making our voices heard, and yet I see a lot of people who are so shaken/angry/fearful/depressed/etc that they can barely connect with themselves and are depleted mentally, physically & emotionally while caught up in this hurricane of chaos. This is why I am going to start up my postcard club again. I spend a lot of time on the road in different places trying to understand how I connect with both natural & created landscapes in this country, but I also really want to connect with you. If you would like a special hand-written postcard sent to you, please send me a message or an email to wendyagarrett@gmail.com with your full name and address. I collect new & vintage postcards from all over the world that are sitting in a box waiting to be sent. I've always found hand-written notes to be personally invigorating and if I can pass that along to any of you in any way, I would love to be able to. Please get in touch. Love to all of you and remember to take care of yourselves, too.

Looking for the magic.

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