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Thinking of simpler times. This was a nice day. Things are pretty complicated recently. I am having trouble making sense of things. Its funny how life never stops. I just go from one crazy time to another. I thought I would have had a break by now. I guess I need to re-evaluate my definition of a break. Maybe change is all the break I will ever get. I suppose I can be okay with that. At least it keeps life interesting. I will thank God for always giving me enough to make it through... And often times more than enough. And often times enough to make it through happily, with confidence, joy and trust. Things may be hard... But I am not overwhelmed. I just need to stop and think sometimes. It IS pretty hard right now. But I know I will be okay.

Thinking about my older brother today. And adventures. Life is full of adventures waiting to happen. My brother and I found this gorgeous place across the creek from the laundry mat. I hope that I can always find the small adventures and laugh at the little things. Little things grow.

Making memories with Jacob! @dearringtonjacob

Jacob was baptized a week ago on Pentacost Sunday. It was a beautiful day. I dont have words to say what I want to so I will just say this... There were tears, smiles, hugs and kisses. This man means the world to me. @dearringtonjacob

Summer time means hard work, adventures, and red white and blue. I am thanking God for every second and am determined to live well and praise Him!

Spent some quality time with the family today at Morrison Springs. Taught Jacob a Harris favorite, Dutch Blitz. It was a fun time. ^_^

We had a good time with my friend Sarah today!

Yesterday was Jubal's final game of the season. His team won first place in his division! I am so proud of him! I loved having some time to chill with my family. It has been non stop work since my Freshman year so moments like this are the ones I treasure. Jubal played hard this game. I arrived late so I didn't get to say hi to Jubal before he started. Instead, the first chance he got, he came running off the field and gave me a hug and kiss. I love him so much! Go Galaxy!!

Another fun night. The coffee was fantastic. This summer I hope to find balance of priorities. @googlejacob is helping me with that quite a bit! I am learning to love life again and to live not just to make it through, but to make something of it. God deserves my best life.

Starting up my summer routine! Per our instructor's advice, we are swimming for our health. I've got my swim buddy to keep me at it. We are ready to release tension and play piano with grace. :) I did swimming last year for a while and it definitely made a difference in my playing then. I am ready to try this again! Swimming with help me manage the pain in my arms and should allow me to practice longer... Which means more progress! I have been kept back from practicing recently because of intense pain. Little by little I am getting better again. Looking forward to the future! Thank you @loveisabelle_x for doing this with me!

I spent the entire day day with these two special men on Saturday. I am so thankful for these two! Jubal had a soccer game in the morning, we ate lunch at McGuire's, took a trip to Fort Pickens, and finished the day with frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog. It was certainly a day to remember! @googlejacob

My wonderful man brought me chocolates and flowers. ❤️🍫🌼 @googlejacob

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