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wendy Marvell  TyusoiFTCommunity Older sis: fairytail_flower.... I l-like @romeo_conbolt1"-"

this is admins friend... Hehe she's asleep at the moment so this is my time
and that's all too say

Good night everyone, admin is going to bed

I did it sis :P @fairytail_flower

can you guys please repost
someone hacked a girls account and is being a real witch about it... We need at least 50 repost
Please help

I just found out my older sis @fairytail_flower is gonna be teaching sex Ed....

I got tagged :P
1) Im a big book worm
2) friends mean everything
3) I'm short
4) I have strawberry blond hair
5) I'm not a girly girl
6) I used to self harm myself 7) I don't anymore :D
8) I have a temper
9) I love adventures
10) I take risk
11) I can be very shy
12) not a good clothing sense
13) I only tagged seven people
14) I don't have a lot of friends just a small group
15) I'm running out of facts
16) I can be really dumb
17)I love skateboarding
18) soccer.... Has taken over
19) Long Island
20) BYA

hi guys I'm bored so does anyone wanna do something like rp... Sorry I've not been on, I got a bit depressed-admin

I had to try this.... answer away

very few people know about that unless they read my admin photo... But either was DONT feel sad for me cause I learned to live with it... Admin just wanted to say thanks for not bullying

if its not to much can you vote for me at the @_anime_awards_

alrighty guys I need you to follow....

I didn't know we needed a I'd pic till my older sis posted hers soooo

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