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What’s everyone up to this ANZAC Day? 🤔 Nothing like commemorating all the sacrificial soldiers that fought for us, with flowers and beauty in a bowl. 💐🌷🌸❤️ Featuring the Blue Hippie Smoothie Bowl by @brighton_soul with all that Blue Algae goodness! 🤓

A close up view of the DOUBLE SMOKED SPAM BURGER WITH SALT AND PEPPER WAFFLE CHIPS, part of the new menu at @mrandmrsandersoncafe introduced by new head chef @emmajeffrey01 who was previously head chef at Hammer and Tong, and then at Mammoth Café, and is currently a co-owner and executive chef at the Moat Bar and Restaurant!!👩🏻‍🍳 We live in exciting times indeed! 🤩 @topfoodmelbourne @milkbottleprojects

These chilly days are perfect for hotpot! ❄️🥘 Never better to keep warm with the best company 🤓💁🏻‍♀️

Fridays should be vibrant, refreshing and spent with loved ones 🤗 Hoping yours will be this way today! 🤓 @kingofthecastlecafe

Veal and Amaretto Agnolotti, Burnt Butter and Sage Sauce. 😋 Found another great pasta place! 💎 Happy Humpday! 🎈

What a typical guy order 😜 for good reason. Boys need good burgers 💪🏻🍔 Throwback to funtimes ☺️ @lingerpatisserie

There’s French Toast and then there’s Twice Cooked French Toast... 🤤 umm helloooo! 😏 Happy Thursday m’dears! 😘 @kingofthecastlecafe

Feeling like the work just keeps on stacking like this Corn Fritter Stack? 😏 Keep holding on m’dears, it’s Humpday already! Two more days until the weekend! 😌🍸 @pointcafe_avoca

Pancakes are like little morsels of blessings! 😋 Sometimes in life we miss blessings just because they aren’t packaged in the way we expected. ❤️ @coogee.courtyard

Finally tried the Ume Burger by @umeburger! ‘Cos when Japanese food is your fav and you have a soft spot for burgers, you really haff2. 😋🍔

It’s always good to dig into something fresh and healthy during your work lunchbreak.. 😊 Gotta get dem brain gains to get thru the rest of the day! 🧠 Always nourish the body aand the mind! Halways. 🐶 @nudefishpoke @cpmonlinemarketing

It ain’t easy being cheesy 🧀 😁The Danish Blue Cheese sauce was a perfect pairing for the 6+ marble score Wagyu Porterhouse at @squiresloftsouthyarra! 🥩😍

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