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Sometimes you just wana escape the hustle and bustle.. especially on chill Saturdays 😌💆🏻 Head to @au79cafe and you will do just that.. you'll be taken to a tranquil oasis with delicious food too! ☺️😋 Featuring the Croque-Monsieur.. 😍

Early mornings ain't so bad when you're waking up to @hungryjacksau's new gourmet brekky item.. the DELUXE BREKKY ROLL! 😍 Premium eye bacon, a freshly cracked 100 per cent cage-free egg, mayonnaise, oak leaf lettuce, mustard, tomato relish and eggmont cheese on a brioche bun! 😎 Pair it up with a 100% Arabica Coffee which is available for $1 for a limited time only! Yes, @hungryjacksau are now serving premium 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced from Mexico, Brazil and Papua New Guinea! 😱 Who would have known?! 😌

Hipster chill vibes at @aos.coffeebrewers invite.. 😎🤘🏻..and they play awesome music and have a focus on specialised coffee of the utmost quality! @inglewoodcoffee is also being served at this cafe's sister restaurants: @pentaelsternwick, @tinkernorthcote, @mobcamberwell, and @temperancesociety! ☕️❤️

Here's a fuel stop for you, when you on dem romantic Friday night walkies with your special one.. ☺️👫 How awesome is it that you can still get dat yumcha craving satisfied at night?! Especially when you get buns this cute! 😍 Steaming up outside the National Gallery of Victoria on St Kilda Road, it'd be hard to miss @letsdoyumcha! 👌🏻

On gloomy, cold days like this.. you just need something hearty to make your heart warm ☺️ ..like this Pork Belly by @gazirestaurant ❤️

Double O-toro Nigiris? 😍 They'll make your heart race and your stomach jitter.. 🦋🐟 @kisume_au is truly a piece of New York in Melbourne ❤️

Seriously orgasmic dish by @missfrankcafe, definitely the highlight of the invite! 😋These Pumpkin Fritters with Maple bacon and a perfectly runny egg really took me by surprise.. 😍 Sweet and savoury Sundays! ☺️✌🏻💯

I know Mama always says "don't play with your food" but I had to show you the cheesy mozzarella goodness inside these CRISPY WAGYU TRUFFLES served with Truffle Miso.. they are seriously a must-try! 😱😱😱 Dayum I had such a good time at @kisume_au last night.. I've been counting down the days to their opening for such a long time that last night just felt like a dream.. 😂☺️Yes, you heard right.. Chin Chin's Chris Lucas' three-storey Japanese empire has now officially opened its doors for what will be the 6th day today! 👏🏻 It features a restaurant, a sushi bar, a 12-seat omakase table and a wine wall across three floors.. and speaking from my experience last night, it's a game-changer. 😎Get in fast m'dears or it may be hard to get a chance later.. don't say I didn't warn ya! 😏

Lollipop Friyayyys! ✌🏻But this one is savoury! 🙃 Thank you so much for having us @seouljaboyrestaurant and for these amazing K-DOGS 😍😍😍 These were defs the highlight of the night! 💯👌🏻@seouljaboyrestaurant is a recently opened Korean-American fusion restaurant which features an open bar and sick music 🎶 Stay tuned for their new Winter menu which is coming soon and I'll be heading back to try! ❤️

The revamped Iron Mike by @streettalkespresso which features SALMON.. my favvvv ☺️😋

Waffle Wednesdays! ✌🏻@espresso155

Throwback to dem 24 Hour Braised Lamb Croquettes by the amaayyyzaanggg @au79cafe! 😍 Would be so good right about now.. 🤔

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