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Anna Ovcharova  Documentary obsessed🔥 Filmmaker, scriptwriter🎥📜 Sports addict⛸👟🥊🎾


Filming an outstanding person, TV host @valeria_spiro 🔥
Every time we have the possibility to spend some time together: working or just hanging out, you can notice how she lights up the world around her✨
I just can't imagine how could I live for so many years without knowing such an amazing person🙏🏻
Thanks for being yourself❤️

When I was a little girl, I thought that people go to work, because they want to make this world a better place✨ And that good people earn more money than the cruel ones🙈
Today I had an opportunity to film an incredible kid with such an innocent mind and so many creative ideas💡❤️
Only @valeria_spiro could give birth to such a miracle✨

When is the right time to start appreciating the world around you? When is the right moment to tell someone about your feelings? When is the right morning to start jogging? When is the right situation to show your skills?

I was always dreaming of reading the script of my own life: with all the ups and downs, with drama, style, scary moments and smart pathos phrases...But you can't get it in advance, cause we always get the script when the screen play is finished🖤
Then why not to enjoy the process and concentrate more on it, so the script of your life will turn into a masterpiece✨

If you are lacking inspiration, search it in the nature, especially when new projects are coming🌿✨

Tonight my article about the best documentary filmmaker - Laura Poitras is coming out🙏🏻 As nervous as before the competitions🙈
I'm expecting feedback from you guys❤️

3 years ago my very close, very special friend @violasyutkina and I found ourselves in the same desperate situation - we had too many questions that no one could answer😞 The reason for that was the lack of inspiration✨
So we started searching answers together and the process of discovering new things turned out to be so interesting that it lead to the creation of our internet blog - @yadrugoyru ❤️🙏🏻 we took a year pause and now are ready restart again with more inspiration and creativity in every post and every article❤️☺️

And then you just close your eyes and see your dreams come true❤️✨

When you actually decide to climb a bridge🙈
Inspiration, photo credits to @zraloraifan

so credible it's incredible✨

#tbthursday to Universal Studios❤️
📸 credits to @dylan_nuttall

If you can't get a miracle, become one✨

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