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  Ralph is a Welsh terrier born 22/10/15, living in London with his Canadian parents. It’s pronounced Rafe like Fiennes and Vaughan Williams! 🇬🇧🇨🇦

Such fun on the beach today! There wasn’t much of a view, thanks to the most, but that didn’t matter to me, since 👩🏻 brought my ball. Thanks, @veeandbear , for the recommendation! #cornwall #beachwalk #terrier #welshterrier #holiday

Who’d like to have a cup of coffee and keep watch with me? Anyone? I apparently have to suspend watch to go to the beach soon and a pesky might sneak into the garden of our holiday cottage while I’m away. #cornwall #dogwatch #terrier #welshterrier

Can you see the flag behind me? It’s not English, it’s Cornish, and I think it looks like a pirate flag! I also had fish and chips & cider for lunch. If this is my holiday, I’m into it. #cornwall #holidays #terrier #welshterrier

Sun’s out, tongue’s out! It’s almost like today is summer again, just in time for my holidays. I hear something about a long drive tonight? I hope 👩🏻 has stocked up on audiobooks and 🦆to keep me amused! #terrier #welshterrier #walkswithmydog

👩🏻‍💻is up early working this morning and I’m offering moral support. See, I’m touching her and showing her how nice sleeping is, once she’s finished her work. #letsleepingdogslie #sleepydog #terrier #welshterrier

This photo is very characteristic of my neighbourhood. I went shopping at Whole Foods like a good #middleclassdog and then settled down on a bench in a litter-strewn garden like a true #eastlondondog while I was waiting for 🧑🏼to come out of the butcher (not sure why I wasn’t invited in there, I love the butcher!). There are so many contrasts around here. #upandcoming #eastlondon #hackney #benchtrait #terrier #welshterrier

I orchestrated my own #benchtrait today! I just jumped up on here and posed away (or I was watching people play tennis, not sure). Happy Saturday! #walkswithmydog #terrier #welshterrier

It’s very important to guard the perimeter - and not just my balcony, but the neighbour’s garden too. Even from them, just in case it’s a thief dressed up as them, and jumping when I bark at them is a small price to pay for that service. Right? Don’t you also try to keep your people safe from peskies? #guarddog #barkyard #terrier #welshterrier

Bonne fête de naissance à mon ami Dolly! I hope you have a wonderful day, with lots of new toys and running around in your garden. #dollyturns7 #happybirthdaydolly #terrier

When your 👩🏻 wants to play with your flamingo and you think she’s crazy and just flop down on the cool tile floor. What’s with these fur-lacking humans? It’s too hot to do anything other than stand in my pool or lie on the floor! #hotdog #terrier #welshterrier

I stayed inside today, except for a few forays onto the balcony to bark at the neighbours, and then went out at dusk, like a vampire. Scared? #mischief #terrier #walkswithmydog #welshterrier

I’m running into the weekend like....🤪#walkswithmydog #terrier #welshterrier

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