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Loki   2 girls Lovin Loki :P officially the cutest dog EVER!!!! directioners 4ever Shippin Payzer, Zerrie, elounor :P LOVE OUR LOKIBBYS  xxx *DELETING*

move you arms.... Please @impossiblyfree_

I just lost a tooth... Haha ima baby. @impossiblyfree_

I can never have a boyfriend because of him😳 #liferuiner

He is extremely attractive in this picture😳 sorry ladies, he's mine. #sorrynotsorry @impossiblyfree_

My fanfic last night failed 😂

"Grace," The woman called "your coffee's ready." "Thanks." I say taking the coffee, giving her a shy smile. "Oh gosh, I'm sorry!" I looked down at my spilled coffee all over my boots and back up at the stranger. I notice his bright blue eyes and curly blonde hair. "I'm so sorry..." "Um, it's fine." I say wiping up the spilled coffee with a napkin. "I'm so sorry." He repeats. "Its okay, I got it." "Well, let me help." "I'm Tom." He says after we throw away our coffee soaked napkins. "I'm Grace." I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks.
"Could I get you another coffee? I'm really sorry." "You already said that. I actually have to get going."
"No! I insist." "Okay." I say biting my lip.
For the next couple of hours we sit and talk, you would've thought we were old friends who haven't seen each other in years. "Oh shit," I say looking down at my phone. Four missed calls all from Caleb. "I was supposed to meet my boyfriend an hour and a half ago." "Oh, you should probably go."
"Yeah I should." I say standing up.
"Well it was nice meeting you, Grace."
"Nice meeting you too." We shake hands and I race out to my car.
Caleb's not going to like this.

So my fanfic is going to be when Tom and Grace are in high school, not necessarily in England. I just wanted to make it something I could relate to😁

I made a bracelt that says club Wendy.... So tomorrow I probably wont post because of 9/11... @impossiblyfree_

Well if you insist..... @impossiblyfree_

I'm thinking about starting a fanfic about Tom.... @impossiblyfree_

For all of the Chris lovers out there. @impossiblyfree_

Put yo tongue back in yo mouth. #sexybeast @impossiblyfree_

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