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We Love Annie Idibia  We Love EVERYTHING Annie Idibia! Our Rolemodel And Inspiration. No Hate Zone! #TeamAnnieidibia #AwesomeNavies Inspired by @annieidibia1 @annie_fanz

My love for you knows no bound. @annieidibia1 you are a woman worthy of emulation. Your simplicity speaks volume. Your humility inspires me daily. I truly wanna express how I feel about you, the problem is, I don't know the right words to use or how to go about it. I could make a million post daily and I still won't be able to express how much I love and adore you. You are so special and I will never stop trying to prove how much I love you. @annieidibia1 #TeamAnnieIdibia #WeloveAnnieIdibia

So many people be telling you they love you everyday, I am just here to increase the number cause loving you seem like the best thing to do. @annieidibia1 #TeamAnnieIdibia #WELOVEANNIEIDIBIA

Beauty is all I see. My role model of life. @annieidibia1 you rock my world. #TeamAnnieIdibia #WELOVEANNIEIDIBIA

No day passes by without me not thinking about you @annieidibia1 others see a woman who loves to smile, I see a woman who is genuinely happy and fulfilled. Others see an actress and entrepreneur, I see a role model. Others see a wife and mother, I see a giver, a lover, a friend, a mentor and an amazon. Others see a woman who can tolerate all sort, I see a woman who is strong, forgiving, selfless and loving. Others see a star, I see perfection. Y
No doubt you inspire me a lot and I love you. Cc @annie_fanz #TeamAnnieIdibia #WELOVEANNIEIDIBIA

HAPPY NEW MONTH TO MY FAVOURITE PEOPLE @annieidibia1@official2baba @annie_fanz @naomibossladythegreat @stellamicheals @team_annieidibia I PRAY Y'ALL EXPREIENCE GOD'S BLESSINGS LIKE NEVER BEFORE. I LOVE YOU #TeamAnnieIdibia #WELOVEANNIEIDIBIA

We love you pretty one @annieidibia1 we have been loving you since forever. African Queen original. Super role model extraordinary. #TeamAnnieIdibia #AweasomeNavies show us some love mates!!

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