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Well Rounded  Modern pregnancy + urban parenting. Tag us in your bump photos and hashtag #bumpenvy. Co-founders and editors @jpals25 and @kaityvelez.


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And then sometimes your first baby has a bit more fur then your second. Are we right? Find out how to prep your pooch for baby's arrival from the founder of @shopwaggo in link in profile! #newmom #dogmom #expectantmom #pregnancy #cutenessoverload #doglover

While big sib might be super excited for baby #2 they're not so great at knowing what gear you need to welcome another little one into your home 🤷🏽‍♀️. Which is why we turned to the mothers of all mothers to put together a giveaway worth $2,500 with everything you need to be a mom of ✌🏽. Find out about all the prizes and why the mamas chose them in link in profile! @ergobaby @lansinohusa @iseemebooks @dockatot @lorenacanalsrugs @twiniversity @hellomamasglobal @mother.ly @lucieslist @projectnursery @weespring @pregnantchicken 📷 by @stylishhipkids #giveaway #pregnancy #pregnancy #secondpregnancy #bumpenvy #expectingmom #secondbaby #babynumber2 #bigsib #bigbrother

"So far, what has surprised you most during this pregnancy? I didn’t realize how much being pregnant would make me appreciate my own mother. All these dreams I have for my child, she had for me. All the heartburn, all the rolls and kicks, she felt from me! It’s wild that humanity has continued this way. Everything about this pregnancy feels so specific to me yet it is the most universal experience.

I didn’t realize how much you could love a person you haven’t met yet. I get googly eyed looking at my ultrasound photos. I can’t wait to meet our little man!" This week's #bumpenvy mama. More in link in profile! #pregnancy #pregnant #pregnantbelly #pregnancystyle #bumpstyle #stylethebump #pregnantbelly

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Balancing a baby and business isn't easy but balancing 3 kids, a baby bump, a thriving business and religion? Well, only the co-founder of @mimulo could really show us the way. Here's a snippet brought to you in partnership with @zahlernutrition: "Being a business owner in the orthodox community presents its own challenges and benefits.
We are blessed to have Shabbos, a built in day off each week that is respected across the community so we get to recharge and reconnect to family and friends. We also have the added opportunity to host each week so when people come into the shop on Friday the most common question we get is, when do you cook? When do you do it? We’ve learned how to manage our time, balance our roles and prove to ourselves that we can do it all!

In the years since we’ve opened, we’ve seen an unbelievable explosion of young women entrepreneurs in our neighborhood and it has been so beautiful to watch! Our shop has been held up to countless skeptics who said that a religious, orthodox young woman who is a mother and wife couldn’t create a successful business as proof on the contrary and we are so proud!" Find out more about this mama in link in profile. 📷 by @stylishhipkids #momlife #workingmom #babybalance #pregnancy #bumpenvy #momtobe

"I admit that I wasn’t quick to buy my son the first princess dress he asked me for — a sparkly Elsa dress. I think that when you have a second child, you kind of hope that you’re not going to get thrown any new wrenches. I wasn’t gung-ho about having to deal with a completely new territory of parenthood with my second kid. I wanted things to be easy and predictable (or as close to that as possible). I figured he could play “princess” with the odds and ends we had around the house already. Was there a part of me that didn’t want to encourage his inner princess from coming out? Maybe. Perhaps I was hoping we could satisfy his “royal” craving by adorning him in scarves and calling it a day (and maybe it would pass). But then one day, during a Superbowl party at a friend’s house, we noticed that our young son had been occupying himself for quite some time in our friend’s daughter’s room. When I went to check on him, I found him in an almost dreamlike state in her closet, among her vast collection of fake-gem-encrusted princess dresses and shoes. He asked if he could put one on, and even though it was three sizes too big, he wore the dress like it was tailor-made. Oh, and the shoes. The shoes! He clomped along in those too-big purple, sparkly heels, watching the way his toes peeked out from underneath the skirt of the dress and admiring how the hem trailed along the floor behind him.

This was it for me. Seeing him in his first “real” dress was the push I needed to let go of whatever was holding me back from allowing him to have his own princess dress, and engaging fully in his princess play. Every part of his being radiated happiness. He looked like he felt special. And why not? Princesses are special. Why would I deny him this feeling?" - @alexisbaradcutler tells us about her son dressing like a princess and how she's embraced it. Read her full story in link in profile. All the hearts.

"After 70 hours of labor, Arya Rose was born. Sebastian was able to catch our daughter and place her directly on my chest. We indulged in uninterrupted skin to skin, falling in love with our new family. Though not nearly what I expected, I felt tremendous gratitude for a normal, safe, unmedicated homebirth and a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Despite all my preparation, I couldn’t use my mind, my greatest tool, to think my way out of birth. I couldn’t rationalize the experience or even wrap my head around it. Having prodromal labor caught me off guard. It wasn’t on my radar of possible “what if” scenarios. But yet, my mind with its fierce determination and mental toughness was ultimately what got me through.

In essence, birth taught me expansion. There is always another level to embrace especially when surrendering into the spaciousness of life. It was a long journey to meet my girl but through birth I learned the importance of honoring Arya and her light without compromising myself in the process. We found a way to work together that aligned with both our spirits." - @amanda_rose_walsh Find out alllll about this determined mama persevered through fake labor and ended up with a birth story she's proud to tell in link in profile. 📷 by @nycdoulalove

So that's what they mean when they say sleeping like a baby. 😴😴😴 Anytime, anywhere, except, you know, actual bed time. 😂 Here's to a good night's sleep mamas! 📷 by @rkbresler

"Your big sister Cami had been requesting a little sister for ages—specifically asking your daddy and me to order one online. While Cami’s understanding of baby delivery clearly differed from ours, we did share her hopes for another little being to raise and love—and lo and behold you chose us as your family unit, fulfilled all of our dreams at once, and completed our little household.

Your presence was felt well before my pregnancy test read positive, but at 12 weeks gestation, you really made yourself known when, here in our kitchen, your daddy and I opened the sealed gender-reveal envelope from the doctor, and the tiny folded piece of paper read in pink all-caps, “GIRL.” I literally dropped to my knees with overwhelming joy, and your daddy and I shared uncontrollable laughter, tears, and a trembling embrace that lasted a good 15 minutes.

Fast forward to April 12, 2017. You came into the world eight days early looking around the delivery room so serene, pensive, and alert—undoubtedly cut from the same cloth as your older sister. The following day we brought Cami to the hospital to meet you for the very first time, and when the nurse rolled your bassinet into Mommy’s room, your sister’s gaze widened with wonder and she whispered so as not to wake you: “She’s the littlest girl I’ve ever seen! I love her.” Your daddy and I wiped our eyes more than a few times and gave Cami the pink plush bunny you “picked out just for her.” She couldn’t believe that you already knew her taste in stuffed animals at such an early age, and we as your parents couldn’t believe the connection you girls had from day one of your life." -@nickisebastian you really got us with this one! Read more of @nickisebastian's letter to her baby in link in profile. In partnership with @artifactuprising #momlife #momoftwo #siblings #siblinglove 📷 by @nickisebastian

"Before this second pregnancy and before I weaned my first kid, the idea of buying and using formula was of zero interest to me. In fact, during my son’s second year on the boob, I found myself constantly, albeit silently, defending what some would call “extended breastfeeding” since it had gone on for longer than the anecdotally expected year. I would read articles by profoundly intelligent feminist writers about how breastfeeding wasn’t even that great; that formula-fed kids were just as capable and smart; that the champions of breastfeeding were in fact bullies, not advocates. Their understandable defensiveness and anger steamed off the screen, but I had trouble then summoning much sympathy. Why did the affirmation of one woman’s choice require the diminishment of another’s, I wondered? Who had shamed them for using formula? Certainly not me, I told myself! I was just a fellow new mother, marching anxiously along the same paths, trying to keep my own breastfeeding discreet, both physically and psychologically – no bragging, no boobs falling out, promise!
But that wasn’t the whole truth. There was something I kept mostly to myself: I really didn’t want to use formula." @katerschorr - find out more about how this mama has changed her tune about formula now that she's pregnant with 👶 #2 in link 👆🏽. #fedisbest #formulafeeding #breastfeedingmom #combofeedingmom#notsponsored

When @jpals25 and I first launched Well Rounded over 4 years ago, we were still knee deep in baby gear trying to figure out this whole mom-thing with love, style and as little breakdowns (from mom and baby) as possible. Through the years, we’ve seen many product evolutions and launches, including some that have made us tilt our heads with confusion. And now that I’m pregnant with my second baby 5 ½ years after my first was born (starting over much?), it’s all about the essentials: safe ingredients and materials; products that will give the illusion of extra hands; and for a New York City dweller like me, baby gear with small footprints and durability for inclement weather. Interestingly enough, some of the products are tried and true classics that I registered for during my first pregnancy. I hope this helps some of you new mamas out there, and for you seasoned mamas, what am I missing in link in profile? Tap image for brand picks. Xo, @kaityvelez 📷 by @stylishhipkids #babyregistry #babynumber2 #pregnant #pregnancy #thirdtrimester #3rdtrimester #37weekspregnant #37weeks #homestretch #bumpenvy #stylethebump #bumpstyle

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