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Well Rounded  Modern pregnancy + urban parenting. Tag us in your bump photos and hashtag #bumpenvy. Co-founders and editors @jpals25 and @kaityvelez.


“We ARE much more than just moms… but do we remember that? I didn’t. For years I had lost touch with that part of who I am. The artist, the creative force, the person who I identify with. The MOM would take over and consume every single part of my being. From the moment I woke until the moment my tired exhausted body would give in and fold into the bed late into the night, I was a MOM. I just didn’t know my identity. Yes, I was functioning and working on creative projects but it was always under the MOM umbrella. I was always the MOM first and then the creative force second. And these two identities fought constantly. I am 39 weeks official today. And I know I am going to slip back into the fog of motherhood for some time. But right now I have clarity and I just want to remind myself that I am strong and I have this whole other person inside who is just waiting to bloom and adds richness and color to this sweet life we have created. And I want to remind any of you who need it too… you are still in there and the feeling of drowning and feeling lost in motherhood is seasonal and the fog will lift and you too will find your identity once again.” - @thenewyorkmom shares her real thoughts in being “just a mom” and how she’s embracing her creative side more than ever as she’s about to bring her third child into the world. Head over to her blog for the full story. ❤️ #bumpenvy #pregnancy #pregnant #39weeks #expectantmoms #momofthree #pregnantmom #momlife

A mama’s love is unconditional. Which is why we’ve teamed up with @tinybeanskids and some of our favorite brands (for baby AND you!)to celebrate all the love you give by giving away over $1,000 in prizes to one lucky winner! Enter in link in profile! #giveaway #momlife #newmom #babygear #babyregistry #mamalove #parenting

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Heartbroken for the families and victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting. Let’s not get desensitized to these tragedies mamas! Holding our kids even tighter as we send love and #prayforparkland ❤️💔

Happy valentine’s day mama!
Our friends at @bamboobies are giving away a FREE (plus S&H) pair of Washable Nursing Pads in their new Flirty Lace pattern. Get your freebies now while supplies last! Tag a friend who needs the reminder that leaky boobs really DO have their perks!
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Still need valentine’s day gift ideas? Whether you’re the one shopping or the one being shopped for we’ve got 26 Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone in your fam. In link in profile! #valentinesday #newmom #pregnant #babygifts #toddlers #toddlergifts

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Does your kid run and hide when he hears the word medicine? 🤦🏽‍♀️ Yeah, girl. Ours too! That’s why just in time for cold and flu season we’ve partnered with @matys and our girl @alexisbaradcutler to bring you 5 tricks (which may possibly include a bribe🤷‍♀️) to get your toddler to take their medicine sans meltdown. In link in profile! #sponsored #coldseason #fluseason #toddlerhealth #toddlerproblems #momproblems #momlife

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While you might be tempted to register for everything at a big box store, it’s more important than ever to support SMALL (and local) businesses! Co-owner of @lullabybabyny Kayla Kramer tells us why (in link in profile). Here’s reason #1: You Can Touch The Products Out Of The Box

At a big store, you most likely will have to wait forever to even find a salesperson on the floor. At smaller stores, however, a sales associate is likely to be right there, eager to show you the product that you’re interested in and let you experience it in the store. Many will even let you try it out at home. “A mom with a three-day-old baby will come into the store, in tears because she can’t figure out which @medela_us nursing product to buy,” says Kayla Kramer, who co-owns the Brooklyn baby shop Lullaby Baby. “At our store, we’ll send her home with, say, two different items to try, and she can just bring back the one she didn’t like. You can’t do that at a big box store.” —true! How many of you mamas registered small? 📷 by @rkbresler #babyregistry #registry #baby #newborn #pregnancystyle #pregnant #bumpenvy #nursingmom #normalizebreastfeeding #sponsored

“Many of us have watched in horror as the details emerged in the trial of former doctor to the American gymnastics team Larry Nassar. It’s been a sobering parenting lesson in communication with our children, about boundaries and bodies and authority figures.

And yet, there are subtle, everyday ways we undermine the lessons we teach our children about consent — through our own actions and the actions of others, many with whom we are complicit.

This especially hit very close to home during a recent visit to the pediatrician with my 6-and-a-half-year-old. We were at a routine annual checkup with a female doctor. While performing my son’s body exam, she was peppering me with questions about his health, and I admittedly wasn’t carefully watching what she was doing with her tools or her hands. My son was trying to get his own two cents in, as 6-year-olds often do, so I tried to remain focused on what the pediatrician was saying. Suddenly, my son shuddered, his cheeks turned bright red, and he said, “Mooooom, she just touched my PRIVATE PARTS!” “It’s OK,” the doctor said. “I’m a doctor.” I found myself agreeing with her, maybe to reassure him in the moment, or maybe because I was embarrassed at his outburst. “Yes, she’s a doctor,” I parroted. “So this is her job. She’s making sure all your body parts are healthy, and that includes your genitals.” The second I said it, I regretted it.” -read more about how @alexisbaradcutler is having the conversation about consent with her son (in link in profile). How do you talk to your kids about this very important topic? #parenting #honestmotherhood #motherhood #motherhoodrising #parentingunfiltered #parentingunplugged

The future of pumping is here and you, our well rounded readers, can be one of the first to buy this truly hands-free breast pump! That’s right, no cords, no tubes, not even a bottle! Find out how you can be the first in your mom crew to get your hands on the pump (in link in profile)! #sponsored #breastfeeding #pumpingmom #fedisbest #breastpump #exclusivelypumping #workingmom #sahm #wfhmom

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Throwback to when we shot #twinmama, entrepreneur, doula and now author @doulabliss who most certainly is the epitome of strength.💪 #momsrule #bumpenvy #twinmom #twinpregnancy #twinpregnantbelly #doula #doulalove

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The littlest members of @wellroundedny spent their 6 month birthdays getting a sneak peek of the @bugaboostrollers brand new Fox 🦊 stroller a few weeks ago! Let’s just say the babies weren’t the only ones drooling! With its one-piece fold, smooth ride and sustainable materials this stroller deserves all the hearts. 😍 Ok, now caption this photo! #cutebabies #bugaboo #bugaboofox #babygear #babyregistry

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Who does the midnight feeds in your home? We’ve partnered with @thefirstyearsbrand to bring you the stats and all the other info you need on How to Ace your Midnight Feed. Full infographic in link in profile. #sponsored #newborns #newmoms #fedisbest #bottlefeedingmom #formulafeeding #pumpingmom #exclusivelypumping #motherhoodrising #isupportyou

Sunday night mom problems. #regram @modernmomprobs

“I wanted so badly to not breastfeed anymore but I felt so terrible about it. I felt like it was the right thing to do. My mother finally said to me: it’s ok, you can stop. You don’t have to do this. And then I stopped. And literally from that moment on, it was so joyful. I was able to take a deep breath and look at this baby and appreciate her and calm down. Being able to start thinking about other pieces of motherhood than feeding, it was such a relief.

It was the moment when I closed the baby books – those books have 45 pages about breastfeeding and a half a page about formula feeding, and that’s not me. I thought: maybe I need to trust my intuition and do what’s right for me and my baby.

I would never tell somebody not to breastfeed. But I would also tell anyone that if you don’t breastfeed, it’s ok. That you are not doing a disservice to your baby, and that your baby is going to be beautiful and healthy and smart. I have two babies that both were formula-fed and they are both delicious and intelligent. There are so many choices you can make around feeding, and you should make the one that’s right for you and your family.”-our very own co-founder @jpals25 gives her thoughts on bottlefeeding, birth and motherhood over on @thebirthhour. Guys, we’re so lucky to have Jess to ourselves everyday, do yourselves a favor and tune in (link in profile) for some golden nuggets on parenting, postpartum and more. #teamwellrounded #fedisbest #bottlefeeding #bottlefeeder #bottlefeedingmom #wesupportyou #saynotomomshaming #thebirthhour #birthstories #birth #birthyourway #empoweringwomen #postpartum #postpartumjourney

“When I first started breastfeeding I set a goal of 3 months...then 6...then 9 and today (one year later) we are still going strong. Breastfeeding hasn’t always been easy. I’ve wanted to give up on multiple occasions and also stop pumping because it’s so much work...but I was determined to make it work and so glad I stuck with it! I’m proud of this journey and ability to nourish a tiny human.” -congrats on one year breastfeeding @mamasdailydose! It ain’t easy mamas, so no matter how long your breastfeeding journey is we applaud you! 👏👏👏 #breastfeedingmama #breastfeeding #normalizebreastfeeding #fedisbest #nursingmama #firstbirthday #thisiswhereipump #pumpingmama #regram

*GIVEAWAY* Time to step up your diaper changing station game mama! Whether it's simplifying midnight changes or a super sleek design that you want, @Skiphop has the foolproof gear you need with their Wipe Clean Changing Pad and Light Up Diaper Caddy. That's why we've teamed with @skiphop and 3 of our favorite insta moms to giveaway this dynamic duo to one lucky winner!
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