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You've got the whole world in your hands, baby. And babywearing makes it so much easier to soak in. Join us on 6/16 for our postpartum wellness event @pureyoganyc West in NYC to find out the million and one benefits of babywearing from our friends @ergobaby! Register in link in profile! 📷 via @thaosephine

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"My first experience breastfeeding in public was with my son, in Los Angeles, where we then lived. The culture there felt really open and casual, and I never thought twice about breastfeeding him in restaurants, parks, and wherever else we happened to be. Then, when he was a few months old, I was almost kicked off of a flight for breastfeeding him without a cover. The flight attendant told me that I needed to cover up, and when I responded that I didn’t have a cover because my son wouldn’t nurse with one, she told me that if I kept breastfeeding him without a cover, I would need to get off the plane. She said, ‘I’m pro-breastfeeding, but only when it’s done appropriately.’ I apologized to her and took my son to the bathroom, where I tried to nurse him on the toilet and we both cried.

I’ve since nursed my son on dozens of flights, and have already nursed Paz on at least ten more. I think back to that flight years ago when I was a younger, less experienced, breastfeeding mother, traveling alone with a four-month-old, and I wish I could have summoned all of the confidence and strength that I have now and give that flight attendant the response that she badly needed to hear." -@alyschwartz tells us how she gained the confidence to breastfeed her baby wherever and whenever. Mamas, tell us where do you breastfeed! In partnership with @bravadodesigns we're going to feature one of your brave breastfeeding stories on our site! Click link in profile to find out more about @alyschwartz' now that she's breastfeeding 2 and then share yours in your feed, tag us and use the hashtag #thisiswhereibreastfeed. We want to share your stories! 📷 by @augustabelle

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NYC mamas with babies under 1! Join @wellroundedny on 6/16, 11AM-1PM for our Postpartum Wellness Workshop! Bring your baby for:
Mom and Baby Yoga with @pureyoganyc, New Mom Nutrition Hacks with @freshdirect and @bewellwitharielle, Benefits of Babywearing with @ergobaby,
First Food(ie)s with @littlespoon , Playtime with Purpose with @roseandrex and GET PAMPERED by @vichyusa! RELAX in our Feeding Nook.
INDULGE in a healthy lunch provided by @sweetgreen and of course meet other new mamas & babies!
TICKETS: $35. Limited space. Register in link in profile!! Pure Yoga West
204 W. 77th Street, New York *Babies under 1 recommended. #postpartum #momandbaby #nycmoms #upperwestsidemoms

"The news and expectation of a second miscarriage paralyzed me. I entered a phase of darkness and loneliness. I cried a lot, and I stared at myself in the mirror periodically, waiting for my body to change back. My marriage suffered, too, as tension permeated the air in our one-bedroom apartment. It was the hardest time of my life.

I eventually reached outside my family and friends and started to see a therapist. We only met a couple times, but our sessions were invaluable. I talked, she listened. I cried, she let me. “Was I broken?”, I wondered. She told me that the emotions I experienced were completely normal and natural, that I wasn’t broken. It was simply my new path of life. I had suffered a loss, and it deserved room to swell, age, and teach before it could be packed away."- find out how this mama got through 2 miscarriages in 6 months and then finally gave birth to a healthy baby in link in profile. #rainbowbaby #miscarriage #pregnancy #motherhood #parenting #love #miscarriagesupport

You know you're a mom wheeeen you practically fear the weekend 🤣. Just kidding. What weekend?? @natsnextadventure gives us the 14 signs that you've officially become a mom. In link in profile! Cute photo of @natsnextadventure totally having some weekend fun via her insta. #momlife #parenting #motherhood

We #wearorange today to stand up to gun violence! Our kids deserve to grow up in a safer country. #nationalgunviolenceawarenessday @everytown @momsdemand #34weekspregnant

While you might feel the urge to complete baby's nursery before he or she arrives @annielinco gives us a few good reasons why it's ok to hold off until you meet your babe. And if you don't? Well, let's just say things might change. More nursery inspo from @annielinco of @alittlebundle in link in profile. #nurserydecor #nurseryinspiration #babynursery #babies #babiesofig #kidsroom

How sweet it is. ❤️😘❤️Share your bump pics with us mamas and use the hashtag #bumpenvy for a #regram! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous pic and using the #bumpenvy hashtag @laurabird_k! #motherhood #pregnancy #pregnantbelly #pregnant #motherhood #momlife #love

"Six years ago, I used IVF to get pregnant with my daughter and, at 32 weeks, started showing signs of preeclampsia. After being on bedrest and hospitalized twice, my condition worsened. My kidneys started to fail, and I became at risk of stroke. I gave birth to my daughter via emergency c-section. She then spent two weeks in the NICU, and I remained extremely sick and had medical issues for about six months after her birth.

The experience was traumatic, to say the least. In fact, my doctor told me I could have died, and when we started discussing getting pregnant again, he suggested I used a surrogate. Pregnancy, he said, was too big of a risk. I was shocked.

Two other maternal fetal medicine doctors confirmed our physician’s prognosis, and I felt confused, broken, and unsure of what to do. Not only could I not get pregnant naturally, but I also couldn’t carry a healthy pregnancy. I felt like a failure." -read all about this one mama's road to surrogacy in link in profile. ❤️📷 by @jonicamelanie #surrogacy #parenting #birthstory #preeclampsia #motherhood #motherhoodjourney

😫 Even for the most laid-back mom, getting out with a little one can be a huge task. But don’t let your bff resign to life on the sofa just yet. Helping her get out of the house can keep postpartum depression at bay and provide a much-needed break from the new baby bubble. That's why we've partnered with @babyktan to give you 6 great ideas to get your best friend out of the house once she becomes a mom. In link in profile! #momlife #3dayweekend #newmoms

We loved @myork_'s #bumpstyle, so of course it's no surprise she has us being all envious over her #momstyle! Glad to see you back on insta mama! Follow her if you're not already. #regram #bumpenvy #momstyle

The four-month sleep regression is a real thing! And while you can't avoid it, we can help you survive it! Check out our tips in link in profile. Story by @hadleyinfrance, 📷 by @laurencrew

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