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“Running after a toddler and being pregnant has been the hardest. I get exhausted so easily so it’s been a learning curve to literally make myself rest, which isn’t always easy!” - the founder of @bonberi tells us what it’s like being pregnant with baby #2 and her most bump enviable style (in link in profile). Photo by @annacarsondewitt #bumpenvy #veganmom #stylethebump #bumpstyle #pregnant #pregnancy #stylethebump #bonberi

It's the hour of truth mamas. How many times do you lose things in your diaper bag black hole? Only about too-many-times-to-count daily over here! We recently linked up with our girl @casadefallon who was brave enough to show us what's really weighing down her @jjcoleusa diaper bag (in link in profile)and then helped her kon mari it up with some guidance from @kingkidlet. Want to win the @jjcoleusa Bucket Tote Diaper Bag that Fallon’s using to help you kon mari? Show us the mess that's in your diaper bag on your Insta stories with the hashtag #diaperbagblackhole and tag @wellroundedny and @jjcoleusa for a chance to win! We'll announce the winner on April 24. Good luck! Photo by @stylishhipkids #sponsored #diaperbagblackhole #pregnancy #newmom #momoftwo #motherhood # konmari #momlife #rawmotherhood #motherhoodunplugged #candidmotherhood

To all you mamas still counting weeks, 👏👏👏. We promise you will sleep one day. But for now you get to stare at perfection. ❤️ #regram @laurenvnowak #newborns #newmom #newbaby #postpartum #motherhoodunplugged

@getpassported’s founder spends her time traveling with her family and planning travel for other families. So when @philandteds told us about their brand new go stroller we knew we had to put in her hands for the true test. At 11 lbs it sounded like the perfect travel companion and guess what? It is! And because we know it’s not always easy traveling with baby we had her round up her favorite baby gear to help simplify your travels. Go to link in profile to check out the full list! 📷 by @stylishhipkids #getpassported #travelmom #travelingwithkids #travel #travelmomproblems #havekidswilltravel #instatravel #travelingwithbaby #momlife

“On May 29th, 2017 at 7:08 pm, our beautiful daughter Amabelle Luna was born via an amazingly calm c-section. She was only 2 lbs 9 oz.

After a moment of silence, Amabelle came out kicking and crying. “Her lungs are fully developed!!!,” I remember telling myself. Irving and I were able to see Amabelle for a couple of seconds before she was rushed off to the NICU. She was so tiny. The nurse held her in the palm of her hands, her face was red and wrinkly, she was wearing a beanie, and her little body was wrapped in a blanket.

After the delivery, my blood pressure was through the roof, and I had to be constantly monitored and continue to have magnesium IVs in case of seizures. I was still unaware of what was happening or what could happen to me. Once again, I just knew that I had to let the doctors and nurses do their job. I spent another week in the hospital post delivery, with occasional opportunities to visit Amabelle in the NICU. It wasn’t easy, but our daughter was my drive to get better so that I could be there for her; so that I could be the strong healthy mother that I knew I needed to be for her and that she needed more than ever.” - find out how despite being diagnosed with preeclampsia this mama kept a positive outlook and had the birth of dreams in link in profile. #csectionawarenessmonth #cesareanawarenessmonth #cesereanbirth #cesereanbirthisbirth #csection #csectionmom #preeclampsiasurvivor #preeclampsia #preemiebaby #preemiebaby #preemiestrong

This is what sibling really looks like! Happy sibling day mamas! We’re virtually sending you all the wine and patience! 😂😘🍷#siblingday #happysiblingday #motheroftwo #regram @thatndgirl #momlife #momlifebelike #motherhoodthroughinstagram

“I’ve always felt like such a “Boy Mom” so it’s going to be interesting to nurture a girl. I’m most looking forward to raising a dynamic and compassionate female. And yes, coming from the fashion industry, I’m very excited to dress her. My real-life mini me!” - @fashionmamas @nataliealcala on having a girl! Read all about her pregnancy style in link in profile. But before you do head up to our stories to check out her insta story takeover with us and find out what it’s like being pregnant in LA. #bumpenvy #boymom #boymomlife #girlmom #babynumbertwo #babynumbertwoontheway #pregnant #pregnancy #bumpstyle #stylethebump

Double trouble! How could you ever say no to these faces @mama_azucar? 😍 Thanks for sharing! #regram #motherhood #brothers #boymom #instamom #newmom #pregnancy #love

“Portia was born hungry and knew exactly how to get the milk she needed, which meant that breastfeeding came beautifully and naturally to us. I loved nothing more than snuggling with her while she buried her face into me and twirled her hair while she drank her milk. And since she was the second child, she was getting a little less of my time; so breastfeeding was the perfect occasion for us to bond, just the two of us. Nursing her was sweet, snuggly and wonderful. But it was time to move on.
I tried to wean her on my own, offering her a snack or a bottle of cashew milk at bedtime. But in vain. She would scream and flail and freak out until I agreed to nurse her. I knew at that point that I couldn’t be home at bedtime. I’d need to pass the baton to my husband for a couple of nights. So we picked a three-day weekend, during which he could put her to bed three nights in a row. This, we thought, would help break her nursing habits.

The first night, I worried I had made a mistake...”. -find out how @sarajanemercer’s weaning story turned out when she decided to stop breastfeeding after 17 months. In link in profile. Are you thinking of weaning? Or have you weaned? Tell us how! #breastfeeding #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeedingmama #weaningbaby #breastfeedingmom #isupportyou

Late night kisses. 😍 thank you for sharing @cjnutrition! Mamas make sure to tag us in you pregnancy or newborn photos for a regram! ❤️ #bumpenvy #pregnancy #newmom #motherhood

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