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Katie Wells "Wellness Mama"  Laundry and dish washing expert, Wife + mom of 6, Real Food Blogger, Podcaster & Author. I love books, cooking, coconut oil, and baseball.


I’m super excited about a new kind of testing that allows us to have a deeper picture of what is happening inside the gut. We’ve all heard the studies about the importance of the gut and how it impacts every single aspect of our lives, and now we can actually get a glimpse of what is happening inside our own, personal gut and know how to impact our own gut environment. I'm sharing how on the blog today!

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Saw this in a store this morning and completely agree! #quotes

So funny because it can be so true! (Repost from @reesewitherspoon)

I took your questions, some favorite episodes, and my take on some controversial subjects and made the 100th episode of the Health Moms Podcast! Thanks so much for listening - here's to 100 more!

Wanting to explore a natural lifestyle but consumed with the idea of being "perfect"? The only way to mess it up is to not start in the first place.

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Absolutely amazing #solareclipse ... especially during #totality ... did you get to see it?

#timelapse of the #solareclipse ... video doesn't do it justice though. So glad we got to see it and so many thanks to @shalommama and her family for letting us camp out in their front yard last night!

Have you ever tracked your health? I mean, really tracked it? Have you consistently observed what food you eat, your moods, and your (ahem) bowel movements? In the newest episode of the Healthy Moms Podcast, I talk with @andreanakayama about how to track your health to find your personalized health plan. (You can find this episode on the website under "Podcast")

Is there anything sweeter than a baby fresh out of the bath? Unfortunately, most store bought baby washes contain unsafe chemicals and they strip away natural oils that baby needs.

Now, there are great natural store bought options, but they can be pricey. Today on the blog, I'm sharing my homemade foaming baby wash. It is affordable, truly non-toxic, and will leave your little one smelling delightful :-) #linkinprofile

What a salad for 40 people looks like! #allthevegetables #salad

Delicious dinner with cod courtesy of @vitalchoice and recipe courtesy of @realplans ... how do you cook cod? #realfood #recipes #yummy

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