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Wellme.HealthyFood&Lifestyle  Loves Organic Local Functional Foods! Vi finns i Östermalms Saluhall! Boka enkelt din #hälsocatering här: ⬇️

Thank You @chubbinsurance for Letting us Speak about Stress Awareness!🧘🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️Wants to be Inspired by Healthy Food & Lifestyle?🍏🍋🍓Book Your Next Event at our Website!!!👆Link in Bio!👆#stressawarenessweek #chubbinsurance

Did You know that We Love Organic, Local Functional Foods?🍃 We Care about our Planet & try to think SUSTAINABLE in Every Step We Make! 🐾🌎 We Recycle, Minimize Food Waste & Choose Non-Plastic Straws & Boxes to our Super Salads! Always Looking for Environmental Friendly Options...Our Important Journey Continues, Stay Tuned!💚

Wow What a WRAP!!! ✨ Yes, it is Wholegrain & Loaded with Protein, Slow Carbs & Greens from @lisbethjanson_fruktgront! 🥑 Made by us @wellmehf in @ostermalmshallen fast as ⚡️!!!

Why wait until Next Year with a Healthy Lifestyle?🍃Do Not Wait until after X-Mas!...Welcome Today for Local, Organic Healthy Food in @ostermalmshallen! 🌼🍀🌸

Need a Healthy Break?🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏽‍♀️We Have Loads of Nutritious & Delicious Snacks @wellmehf in @ostermalmshallen! 💫 Photo: @katriinam

Happy FriYAY, the Healthy Way!!!💦⚡️Natural Caffeine Water made from Green Coffee Beans & Pure Water! Nothing else! 💪 Photo: @katriinam

Hydrate Me Please!!! 💦 Nutritious, Delicious with Loads of Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants!!! 🍏🍓🍋 Photo: @katriinam

Let the Sunshine In!!!☀️✨Why Not an IMMUNE BOOST ME SHOT in a Healthy Combo with a CHIA ME MANGO BOWL today?! 💛🌟 Photo: @katriinam

We Hope That You Have’nt Missed Our HEALTHY COMBOS? 👌 Combine Your Mango Chia Me Bowl with our Popular, Golden Me Smoothie!!! 🌟 Delicious & Nutritious, Of Course! Happy FriYAY in @ostermalmshallen! 😁 Photo: @katriinam

You Better Hurry Up to Catch This Healthy Sweetie before it’s Gone for the Season! 💛 MANGO CHIA ME BOWL Will Soon Change Clothes into a more Seasonal Sauce & Superfood Topping...Stay Tuned! ⭐️ Photo: @katriinam

Did You know that We Always Use High Quality & Nutritious Green Leafie Vegetables in all our Healthy Foods? 🍃 Locally & Daily picked by @lisbethjanson_fruktgront in @ostermalmshallen! 💚 Photo: @katriinam

Nu är det hög tid för en Fräsch start på Hösten med vår DETOXIFY ME SHOT!!! 💚 Skapades specifikt till ett av @linabielstens Lyckade Events i Dec 2016 hos våra grannar @lisa_elmqvist i @ostermalmshallen med utvalda Starka Kvinnor i Mediabranschen & blev så omtyckt att den har stannat hos oss sedan dess! 🌱 Basbildande & Näringsrik Nässla, Spirulina, Vetegräs & Citron! Need to say LOCAL, ECO & RAW?! 🌟🍃
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