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Wellington.Dingo  A well travelled Australian Cattle Dog explores her new life in Wellington, NZ

We’ve got a very special Thirsty Thursday this week with lots to tell you. •

Firstly thank you to Waugyl @oftenoutdoors for letting his Dad stay with us. He brought presents and played games with me and it was so much fun. He also let me drink all the 2012 Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz (about $45 AUD) which paired beautifully with Ma’s roast lamb, vegies and gravy. Your Dad did like the lamb Waugyl, we fed him up really well for his ice wall climbing in Queenstown 🧗‍♂️

And speaking of thirst, we are giving a shout out to our friend @ruby_reddog to raise awareness of the devastating consequences of the NSW drought. Our farmers need help so check out New England & Northwest Drought Appeal to make a contribution - or see @ruralaid @droughtangels @burrumbuttockhayrunners @dollarsfordust @one_bucket

We’d also like to thank @rinthegermanshepherd and @fimorley5 for their clever idea to immortalise Alf’s favourite stick in a painting by renowned artist @janejamesfineartist . This painting is being auctioned to raise money for @stay_chatty and @gsrtasmania . Check out any of these accounts and make a bid!

We ❤️ our Insta Dawg Family •

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#Repost @rinthegermanshepherd with @get_repost
WARNING! INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER! This is the IG manager speaking... @janejamesfineartist. We want to harness the power of the insta-dog community! It brings together a great group from all over the world, and it has led to some wonderful friendships. People have even travelled interstate and internationally to meet up. Amongst these Instadogs, is Alf, a Kelpie living in Hobart.
As it happens, I’ve known Alf Morley all his life, and I know how much he loves a stick, any toy, or a good howl. People who follow Alf may remember a story told about a stick he collected after the floods in Hobart. He was very attached to this particular one, and wouldn’t let it go.
I’m known for my love of sticks too, and seem to have developed a bit of a reputation for it as well, so those familiar with both of us saw an opportunity... at the urging of both @bruno_and_gracie and @wellington..dingo, it was done. ‘The stick’ was immortalised in paint. So this is Alf, and Alf’s stick.

We all felt that we could lend a helping hand and paw, and use the stick to raise both awareness and funds for charities, so we approached two organisations in Tasmania who both do wonderful work, @stay_chatty, and @gsrtasmania. They were good sports, and agreed to be a part of this, and here we are.
So... we’re open to offers. All the money will be split 50/50 between the charities, with the winning bidder paying them directly. Let @janejamesfineartist, @rinthegermanshepherd or @fimorley5 know your bid by DM, and we’ll keep a tally.
Please pass this on, through any social media platform or word of mouth. Let’s see if we can get as many people involved as possible. We’ll close the bidding on the 6th of August, and notify the winning bidder then, and I’ll organise the freight of the painting. The original stick is also still available if we can continue to keep Alf away from it. Open internationally! Let the games commence! 🐾🎨 #helpingthoseinastickysituation #letslendahelpingpaw #collaboration #stick #stickexpertsunite #painting #auction #study #paint #painting #art #artist #instaart #instaartist #stick #brisbane #potd #australianartist #brisbanearti

It’s been a while between drinks on Thirsty Thursday so to make up for lost time we’re going to review not one but two wines this week!

Rose is the new black dress of the wine world this season - who doesn’t love a refreshing chilled light rouge tipple while sharing sunshine and fun with friends. Or all alone for that matter! •

We enjoy rose from all parts of the world but have taken a particular liking to the heavier styles produced in Spain. Two favourites are the the 2016 Torres Sangre de Toro Rose and the 2016 Bodegas Fontana Mesta Rose Tempranillo - around $14-17 NZD. Pop some frozen raspberries or strawberries in your glass for extra ooomph!

Pairs nicely with spicy Asian style deep fried whole snapper. 🤤🤤🤤

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Well golly folks, the things you see on a road trip in regional NZ.

On a country road, all the way down the other end of the world, it seems this farmer has captured the sentiment around the current POTUS.

#wellingtondingo #wellingtondingoreviews #regionalNZ #nzlife #thankgoodnessfornz #thankgodweliveinnz

Have you met my lovely friend, Bella? She’s quite the wine connoisseur, as well as an adventure traveller on her Ma’s bike - not the hair-raising MTB rides her Ma loves, but something a little more sedate like sitting in the front basket while gently circumnavigating a lake.

On a recent visit to her delightful home in Brisbane, Australia, Bella served up a simply superb 2016 Tasmanian Pinot Noir with the memorable name of ‘Sailor Seeks Horse’. If you ever see a bottle you must snaffle it immediately as it appears to be completely sold out. Understandable given the amazing quality for around $50 AUD.

Bella also served a delicious fruit and wine platter. We must return as soon as we can! Check out Bella’s adventures @velo_bella and @dizzydeecox

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Hi everyone it’s me, Ellie aka Wellington Dingo, and I’ve travelled all the way up NZ’s State Highway 1 to Auckland to visit my grandpawrents! And didn’t I get some treats for a thirsty pupper - a lovely bottle of Coopers Creek ‘Limeworks’ Select Vineyards 2017 Hawkes Bay NZ Chardonnay - delicious with canapés and Grandpaw’s fish pie 🤤😋 Around $24 NZD . Not the same place as @c00per_the_kelpie Stinky Creek though! 🤣🤣

We had such fun on our visit - I tried to sneak in a few sly smooches and Grandpaw put on his funny face 🤪🤨

I can’t wait to visit again. All those pats! 😁

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Daaaahhhlings, I just have to share this wonderful experience with you! Pretentious Penelope here, bringing you only the best from the Taranaki region of NZ! Roger’s investment portfolio has taken a turn for the better so we’re having a mini break at the utterly delightful Nice Hotel in New Plymouth. In their best suite of course! Delicious treats served in our boudoir courtesy of their 5 star restaurant, perfectly accompanied by a soft, ripe, velvety Pinot Noir from Martinborough - the 2016 Russian Jack - around $26 NZD. Who knew winter could be so delightful!

Do see if you could spare an evening or more to visit this delightful establishment @table_restaurant www.nicehotel.co.nz

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They’ve finally named a wine after my Ma! Welcome to Thirsty Thursday where we are proud to review Madam Sass, a 2017 Pinot Noir from Bendigo in Central Otago, NZ. And Madam Sass lives up to her name. Cheeky, full of attitude, big bodied, stylish and extravagant. Absolutely delicious and a steal at $25 NZD. Perfectly paired with roast lamb and veges and an All Blacks game! Mmmmmmmmmm. Heaven ❤️

For more reviews by clever puppers check out @caninecantina

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We’ve been a little quiet on Insta lately. Ma and Pa have been working hard on our move back to the Motherland - they found a nice home to buy in Sydney; got some exciting job prospects and great feedback on selling our place in Wellington....but I felt I had been inadequately consulted about the BIG MOVE. What would I be called? Sydney Dingo? 😳😱🤭 Would I have to travel in a squashy crate in the cargo hold while Ma and Pa sipped champers in business class as we crossed the Tasman? 🤯😡Hmmmm 🤔 So I decided to fail the medical tests to move to Australia 😈🤗👩‍⚕️I did a great job, no one is going anywhere now. It’s gonna be the Wellington Dingo chasing a ball at Oriental Bay for quite a while longer!

Thank goodness there’s no end to all that beautiful NZ wine and food to review 🤣🤣😍. We’ve got lots of posts to do and catch up on.

#wellingtondingo #wellingtondogappreciation #wellingtondingoreviews #wellingtonishomenow

Daaaahlings! I’ve just hosted a delightful soirée with my gorgeous young friends! And they were so handy too for putting together those pesky IKEA flat packs - Roger had a new filing cabinet in moments. No such thing as a free drink in my home!

My gorgeous friends enjoyed a Pretentious Penelope Tightarse Tuesday special - the 2017 Riverstone Sauvignon Blanc - bottled in Auckland NZ from non-specified sources 🤷‍♀️. A bargain at $8.50 NZD. I think clever Tessa the Wine Heeler @khryunmorzhov has reviewed this quaffer too but that bottle had traveled all the way to the USA!

For more wine reviews from puppers check out @caninecantina

Tooodaloooo 😘😘😘

#wellingtondingo #tightarsetuesday #pretentiouspenelope #wellingtondingowinereviews #wineheeler

Winter has certainly arrived in NZ so we took a road trip to the Hawkes Bay Wine Region last weekend to escape the frosty Wellington wind. Ma and Pa have to dine alfresco because of me 😈🤷‍♀️😳 and get all rugged up like they’re on the South Pole. •

One of our favourite haunts is Alessandro’s Woodfired Pizza Napoletana in Havelock North 🤤🤤🤤🤤 OMD the best pizzas in NZ and a delicious wine list featuring some delectable Italian reds. And they have outside heaters!! •

Here I am with pizzas I can smell but not eat; getting a cuddle from the gorgeous Caterina; getting a cuddle from the lovely Horne family at the next table and then getting a cuddle from Ma! What a great night.

If you visit Havelock North, a pizza or three from Alessandro’s is a must.

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Daaahlings! I’ve finally recovered from the Royal Wedding! 🤵👰🏽Harry and Meghan loved my signed Pretentious Penelope Portrait - they said it would be a centrepiece of their apartment in Kensington Palace. Won’t the corgis be annoyed 😠
The after party hosted by Prince Charles was a blast! I ran round the dance floor like ummm, a working dog, rounding up anything with a pulse. Then Idris Elba pulled a tennis ball out of his pocket and I only had eyes for him. As did most of the females in the room.

So now its back to Tightarse Tuesday and $10 wines. 🤷‍♀️😱😜This week is a surprisingly pleasant find for $8.79 NZD - a sparking Sauvignon Blanc from First Pick - bottled in NZ, but sourced from Chile.

Check out my friends at Canine Cantina for other wine finds by sophisticated puppers.

I love you all 😘😘😘😘 #wellingtondingo #wellingtondingowinereviews #pretentiouspenelope #caninecantina #firstpickwines #sauvignonblanc #redheeler #dogsofwellington #nzwinedogs #tightarsetuesdays

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