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rachel  love on!

wow texture is pretty cool

pretty cool shadow guys (things that make early classes somewhat ok)

good colors

unexpectedly incredible archaeological findings in lawrence kansas

hello guess what the over glorified confetti creator is back. in. action!! this time i’m taking the form of collage creator which is way more fun than “weird lamp making guy” so be prepared to see way too much of this.

alright kids art is rad that’s all i have to say

i love it when the sky does the thing

i love painting and i love school and i love drawing media class and all of these dudes in our little corner. appreciate the stuff around you!! life is short. (yes i am experiencing nostalgia for life happening around me right now what a time)

late night girl

today an eight year old told me she wouldn’t be able to do everything in ballet because she fell and hurt herself skating and that it was a smart idea for me to go to “art drawing school” because she saw me drawing taylor swift and it looked good (i was not drawing taylor swift)

for some reason panic! at the disco came to lawrence and for some reason i got to go.

it’s van gogh’s birthday so it’s time for the annual reminder that i love my guy vincent so here’s a photo from when i got to see the starry night long ago
(let’s be honest i remind the world at the very least biweekly that i love van gogh ha whoops)

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