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Ally💕  Crappy car selfies are my forte. Just another broke dreaming college student slowly finding who I’m meant to be. 😊

The Best of Friends 💙😍
#puppylove #dukeandwilla #myfurbabies🐾

Everyone, meet my little Koda bear 💙
She’s the newest edition to my little family and I’m so in love.
#ohpuppypuppy #puppylove

So far 2018 is looking good.
And so am I 🙌🏻
Also. How the heck is it already almost halfway through January?
#help #adultingsucks #slowdowntime

Mood for 2018.
I have faith and that’s all I need 💙
Happy New Years Y’all
#happynewyear #newyear #faith

Oh look Insta, two posts in one day.
A little early for what I’m thankful for but I digress.
This year has been an absolute journey of highs and lows.
From new friendships to old ones coming to a close.
I want to thank the very special friend in my life who has not only help me grow as a person but also helped my spirit find its way.
I am beyond grateful to be the person I am today.
So I give thanks. You know who you are.
With love, blue 💙

Late update. But..
I couldn’t be happier. I’m in love with not only my tattoo but the person it resides on today.
I may wander but I am never lost ☺️
#wordsofwisdom #jrrtolkien #tattoo

Also. I’m a living comic right now.
#happyhalloween #popart #halloweenmakeup

Part 1 of 2 complete and I’m in love 😍 “All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost-“
Taken from my favorite Tolkien Poem.
Now to be forever with me ♡
#lotr #tattoo #tolkienquote #iminlove

Guess who’s not dead.
Hey it’s me.
Anyone else look down and realize literal months just pass before you know it?
#help #adultingsucks

Beauty gurus ain't got nothing on me.
I just recently got my hands on the ABH Modern Renaissance palette and it's got me feeling some type a way. In love 😍😍
#abh #mordernrenaissance #glamgdamn #selfie #makeupandplay #selftaughtmua

A picture from my walk the other day. I'm so grateful to be on this beautiful campus and further my future every day.
Hello Spring. I've missed you ♡♡
#uco #broncho #hoovesup

In the battle between makeup and freckles. .
Freckles prevailed.
#selfie #nofilter

I just really love Snapchat filters okay. ☺☺
#selfie #snapchat #filters

I don't usually post a #mcm but Shane is more than deserving. ☺
Not only is he a badass roleplayer(@roadrnr08 check him out) and man of many talents, he's a pretty freaking amazing person(cutest nerd I know) and come on that smile? It's infectious.
#mcm #roadrnrcosplay #geekftw

Had the amazing experience of seeing 21 Pilots live again with my best friend and other half.
Josh and Tyler are honestly so amazing. My life is forever changed by their positivity in life and their music. ❤❤ Also, It was so nice to see you boo. I missed you.
Let's do it again sometimes?
#21piløts #concert #rockthebok #TØP

Tired college student.
Also, my hair has faded to a shade of off pink. Okay then.
#collegelife #uco #bronchos #whyhomeworkwhy

Shoutout to the @okccakelady for making and Kristi Hamilton for bringing the cutest and serious most delicious little Valentine's Day chocolate covered strawberries.
Come on. Who doesn't love glitter and unicorns?
So cute!! #vdaystrawberries #okccakelady

Appreciation post to Josh and Tyler for one of the best concerts of my life.
Can't wait to see you again on the 21st. 😍😍
#twentyonepilots #21piløts #baeaf😍

Every sunrise is the start of a brand new day. A day to make positive change.
Today we at #Pie5 are support Ellie and invite you to come help us support this beautiful young girl in her fight to beat cancer.
100% of the proceeds today go to her family and her fight.
Here at Pie Five #WeAreWithEllie. Are you?
#ImWithEllie #PizzasForHope #fightforellie

#regram from @thewellnessobsessive because I loved it.
As much as I complain that I am sore or tired from working out, I've already started to see and feel a positive change in myself.
Only six more months until this just becomes a routine part of my life 💪🏻💪🏻
#heathly #wellness #newyearschallenge #newme #SELFfam

Pre/Post workout.
Day one of the #NewYearsChallenge with my #TeamSELF fam. Strength workout ftw.
Anyone else realize just how out of shape you actually are? I'm going to crush this challenge 💪🏻🙌🏻
#NewYearNewMe #everyBODYisbeautiful #SELFxIskra

2017 is officially upon us.
I know the barrage of 'new year new me' promises always happen.
But I am making a pledge right now to better my mind body and spirit in this new year.
No more being unhappy with myself and my body and just accepting it. Hello 2017 and hello to a more confident, healthier, happier and beautiful me ❤️
#2017 #NewYearsChallenge #TeamSELF #SELFxIskra

Feeling exceptionally festive with this beautiful(and glittery. ugh) wrapping paper. My wrap game is on point. 👌🏻
#merrychristmas #presents #artsyfartsy #whatevenaremyhashtags

I have fully embraced the fact that I am Winchester. Where's my angel?
#spnfamily #winchester #plaid #whysomanylayersthough

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