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Savannah Rose Glembin🇺🇸  United States Marine. Wife. Weight Lifter. Professional Goofball.


Damn ma I did good didn't I? Still can't believe I get to spend the rest of my life w/ this amazing man😍 #wifey #allmine #LOOKATHIM #mildlyobsessed #hesliterallyamodel #hedeniesitthough #bootcampsuckedthegainsoutofmybody #stolemyboobstoo #damnit #sorryhoney #farmerstanonfleek

"Uncommon valor was a common virtue." I am damn proud to be a United States Marine & will be for the rest of my life.🇺🇸 #rah #iwojimamemorial #boot

Thank you for always making me feel like a queen❤️ I love being your wife #myforever #thattanlinethough #mygod #bootcampstolemygains

I'm on libo yassss🇺🇸 1. Bun Out 2. Civies on 3. PX call for protein bars n' snacks 4. Back to squad bay 5. Change into sweats 6. Become a bum n' watch movies 7. I have first fire watch shift tonight 8. GOD DAMMNIT😂 yeah yeah yeah I'm stuck in the broken platoon but once the good ol Doc clears me to head back into training imma hop on that shit like no ones business. I'm ready to get the HELL OUTTA THE CAROLINAS!!! #westcoastbestcoast #PTsweats #myscalp #feelssweetrelief #bunproblems #dailydoseofboot #rah #yut #kill #chubbyassbabycheeks

Being in cammies every day really makes you appreciate yo dang civilian clothes & lettin' your hair go free😩😂 #worthitthough #rah #iwantmytanback

I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding. My wedding was small & very private but the setting was gorgeous and I had the one person by my side that mattered most, my husband Hank. My father got to give me away and we were able to have a few close friends attend our ceremony. We plan on doing somewhat of a reception/marriage celebration down the road once I'm done w/ school and settled. A good handful of y'all will be invited to come❤️ I truly am so happy and so full of life & a great portion of that I owe to the love of my life - who supports me and stands by my side no matter what! He is my rock and I love him to death, the "I Do" I made is the only one I intend to make my entire life. The Marine Corps in general is known for having an extremely high rate of divorce and Hank & I are absolutely NOT going to be part of that statistic. Our marriage might be new but our love is deep and our foundation is strong. I'm happy I'm able to share my happiness w/ you all❤️ I hope you all find that one person that makes your world go round, who's smile brightens the crap out of your day, and who's touch makes your heart take off running. Love ya all #sorrybouttheweddingposts #kindaobsessed #canthelpmahself

Every kiss from you is a foot-poppin' kiss😂❤️😉💃🏼 can't believe this stud muffin is mine for life #allmine #proudwifey #soinlovewitchu

Here comes the bride💍☺️ Wishing I could re-live this amazing day❤️ #newlyweds #endlessweddingphotos #canthelpmyself #bootcampfarmerstan

These little goofy videos put such a huge smile on my face❤️ Hank never fails to make me laugh and feel beautiful, I'm blessed to have a man like him as my husband and damn well proud to have taken his last name as my own❤️

My best friend and my husband, I miss my other half😩 #babycomeback

Bout to be stuck on Camp Geiger longer than I bargained for😂 thanks to a cracked rib and intercostal muscle strains from throwing heavy ass ILBE packs onto a TT imma be here for a few extra weeks. I tried pushing through training but it's hard as hell to breathe n' the sharp pain was killing me so I had to make a grim trip to medical. I'm gunna make the best of it and bang out some Marine.Net classes n' some other stuff. So here's to healing fast and finishing my training😂👏🏼 #weaksauce #joytotheworld #nopainnogain #amirite

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