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Savannah Rose Glembin🇺🇸  Loving Wife. United States Marine. Athlete. Professional Goofball. Shutterfinger. Kinda Buff. Kinda Girly. Curves & Combatboots “weights_n_freedom”

Trynna give the Core gods a nice lil offering so ya girl can have some nicely cut abs this summer like😫😭🙏🏼 The key to abs ladies and gentlemen is this stupid ball! SOMEONE TAKE THE INTERNET AWAY FROM ME😂 #IdkHowIComeUpWithHalfThisSh** #LateNightWorkout #PraiseTheBall #GiveMeASixPackPls #WaitYouMeanIHaveToStopEatingChipotleOnARegularBasis ?!

WHATTA DAY😍👍🏼 never would I have thought growing up that I would meet my soulmate so young and be living life the way I am, so so blessed and very thankful to have the family and support that I do❤️ The past week or so I started stressing out because I’m hitting the fleet and moving all in the same weekend but I just gotta give it up to God bc I’ll be settled eventually🤷🏼‍♀️😂 #MakinMemories #ThriftShops #Antiqueing #VideographyNerd

Went furniture shopping, antique-in, and ate at a great Mexican restaurant and had an overall blast today w/ my bestfran❤️😂💑💏 #MarriedAdventures #TheWayTheEmployeeWasLookingAtMyHusbandInTheLastPicHasMeDying #IBoughtTheSign #IHadTo #ItWasMeantToBe #GlassOfWine #OoooooYaThinkYoFancayyy

I love how Hank is the perfect height for me to be able to rock heels while he’s still 2 inches taller😂💕💃🏼 #thelittlethings #draaaaannksssss #lovebug

Want to wish my handsome younger/pain in the ass younger brother (numba #2 out of the 4 of us) Dane a very happy birthday! So proud of you buddy! Love you always, can’t wait for you to come out and visit❤️ #FutureMarineCorpsAviator #SiblingLove

I love you ya beautiful hilarious soul❤️💕 the Marine Corps has lead me to find the most amazing friends🇺🇸 thankful @lovelyeccentricity #sistasista👯

You are my love story baby and I write you into everything I do, everything I see, everything I touch and everything I dream... you are the words that fill my pages honey💍 no matter what chaos surrounds us we always know we have each other and at the end of the day that’s all that matters❤️ #thattanlinetho #cringeworthy We’ve literally been married for 10+ months and I still have SOOOO many wedding pics🤣

Gunna have to hit up PB soon w/ this beautiful lady😍💗👏🏼 #doubledatethistime #girlpowa #legmusclesfordayzzz #donttrytotouchmeillendyou

Havin’ too much fun training mah girl/fellow Marine Corps sista🙌🏼💪🏼🇺🇸 been awhile since I’ve trained anyone like this (pre Marine Corps) and it feels damn good💗 even though my knee is still injured and my back (S/O to crutches lol f u) is bad I’m still in doing all that I can to stay in good shape and not lose all that I have. I’ve worked out approved movements w/ my physical therapist for those wondering!👍🏼 @stephcamposss

Workout -
1st Circuit
12 Hammer Curls 4X W/ Dumbbells
20 Shoulder Raises 4X W/ Dumbbells
12 Shoulder Press 4X W/ Dumbbells
2nd Circuit
15 Barbell Curls 4X
15 Crunches 4X W/ 25/35 Lbs Plate
3rd Circuit
30 Assisted Wide Pull-ups
30 Assisted Pull-ups
30 Assisted Reverse Grip Pull-ups
4th Circuit
5/4/3/2/1 Reverse Fly’s 3X (Each Arm) #motivation #femalemarineswhoarenotcontentwithbeingmediocre #yafreakingright #holdyourselftoahigherstandard

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